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Hi Anna,
You are some photographer, wow! you take such good pics. I love all of them and oh! I have gotten 2 Grits now and I used to get them years ago but didn't know they were still around so thank you for the info...I love their articles they write. it brings back a lot of memories only it used to be like a small newspaper now in magazine form.
I love reading your blogs they are great!

Awesome photos and great science lesson but oh my gosh, I am with your sister on this one. I would have ran for the house and not leave until I was assured there were no more stink bugs around. You truly are brave. I can't believe you even caught the thing. I don't know who is luckier, you for not being stung or the bug for not being squished! Keep on snapping these great photos for us wimps. Happy 4th.

Oh yuckie! This bug is soooo creepy and I dont know how you can get that close to it without freaking! LOL.

Thanks for sharing the great photos of this little guy! We met one for the first time last year and I just fell in love! He's sooooo handsome! :) I love the dusty gray and the cool wheel. And thanks for the lesson. Someone, not mentioning any children by name, made off with my best insect book.

Wow!!! Now I know what the black with red bugs out in my landscaping are! I have seen the nymphs much more than the adults, and never knew what they were. I'm so glad you have identified them! And I HAVE met up with the grown ones too; they ARE very unique! Quite odd looking, for sure. Thank you for the GREAT pix! You are amazing.
I definitely think you should send some to your Dad; I MUST see those bugs in Epoxy! LOL He is TOO FUNNY!!! Don't you love it??!~!
Have a FABULOUS weekend! :D

Um, I have to give you credit, Anna! I have never seen a bug like this - but that's probably because at the first indication that there was any kind of bug there, I'd have been running full-speed the other direction! LOL You are amazing! NOW I know what a stink bug looks like! I'm still afraid.

It looks huge - is it something chickens would eat? or too big and too yucky?

He is kinda cool lookin' in a creepy, weird way. I can handle this guy a lot better than the previous icky grasshopper picture *shudder*

That is a cool looking bug! Great photography.

Stunning pics Anna, but I have one word for you .......

ooohh, yuck

Oh my gosh it so beautiful but sooooo creepy all in one. Very unusual bug.

This little guy must have thought he was on the red carpet. Now he can brag to all his friends that he's being stalked by poporatzi. LOL!

"...sucking their guts out" - Oh I love it when you speak so technically. A girl after my own heart. Great photos and great research! TFS.

OMG ... as much as I envy you to live in such an amazing place and have such a wonderful farm, I would not trade living up north, when I see the bugs that you have down there! I get creeped out when June bugs are in season and they are 'fairy princesses' compared to those stink bugs! They are so creepy to look at and on top of that, they stink too? ... hope they never venture further north!

Your dada is hysterical. That bug is amazing..I have never seen one in Vancouver. Love how prehistoric he is.
can I ask what lens you used? i am thinking in the 105mm range? I need a new lens..

OK, I had to cringe and then giggle... I grew up in Pendleton Oregon and when my parents would go to Square Dance (yes, I'm serious) up at the Airport all the kids would get sticks and go stink bug hunting... it was HILARIOUS to poke them (yes SOFTLY) to watch their butts go up in the air ready to squirt us with stinky stuff!!!!

LOL Thanks for the memories Anna... must say though, I would NEVER have poked THAT stink bug, well, not SOFTLY anyway... it looks like something from the dinosaur days..... **EEK**

Cool! I can see it now, You send a box of these bugs home (dead)and we box'em up and give the buggers to "M" for Christmas! Yup, a stink bug 5 times the size of the ones we have up here. FAR OUT! How about bringing some home with you in August, and I'll sink'em in epoxy and make hair pins or broaches out of them. I particularly like the phrase " and suck their guts out!" Yah, Baby!.......Love, Dad

aaaa that's ugly

YEAH for Brave Anna! Good to have him helping out around the farm ! He could have helped rid the squash beetles, but you would not want to be running it him unexpectedly. :) Thanks for the science/biology lesson, too. Hugs...

one more reason i'm so glad i don't live there any more =D

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