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A baby cucumber?

So what is it already?!

I'm with Sylvie those "little green prickly looking green bally things" are throwing me.

I am totally clueless, but it is a very beautiful picture! I love your photography.

zucchini. We have some growing too. Beautiful picture.

For cute's sake! Looks like a cucumber to me!

I am changing my answer. Pass the erraser! I am certian it is a cucumber now!
Oh, my 1st issue of Grit arrived today. That was FAST. I LOVE IT. :) Hugs....

I'm going w/your Dad's answer!

Looks like a baby zucchini, and some kind of eggs from a pest? The are not squash bug eggs, I am anxious to find out.

Baby eggplant?

I'm soooooo far off base its funny! Looks like some weird Texas insect to me! LOL


Your Dad is a riot! LOL What a blessing to have him...
I have to agree it's a baby cucumber; and whatever it be, it's just precious! I also thought it was a little worm at first glance! hehe
Thanks for the great photo...you make life fun!

I'm thinking a teeny tiny cucumber or zucchini blossom? Very pretty picture!


Yummy it will be, a baby female cucumber is what I see ;)

Look like "picklin" cukes to me!

zucchini yum

My first thought was a bloom on a cactus, but I don't think your farm is near the desert. I guess a cucumber also. Playing it safe. Mary

Flowering cactus is my guess.
My zucchinis and cucks don't have those little green prickly looking green bally things all over them.

that is a small little cucumber........

Cuke? Looks like a very small version of what is on my counter from my friends garden! :)

I think the class is pretty smart! Looks like a tiny new zucch1ni. hugs...

We're pretty set on cucumber and those little round things make the bumps on the skin when they fall off. My first guess was a corn blossom.

I agree with everyone else. It is either a cucumber or a zucchini. How cool is that!

At first glance, I thought it was a caterpillar (and I thought ..."Man, they grown some strange bugs in Anna's neck of the woods!" But then, I realized from the comments, that it probably is a baby cucumber (love what your Dad wrote!!!).

Awesome photograph! WOWZA! I'm guessing a stamen of something. I can't guess cucumber or zucchini though because the darned groundhog that will NOT leave my garden alone ate all of my cucumbers and zucchini so I have none to go by. sigh.......

I'm guessing a cuke. Hmm not sure.

I found one just like this, or was it bigger....growing in an old burito wrapper under the seat of my pickup truck a couple of days ago! I haven't been to taco time in a year and a half. What a relief I thought I had lost it...maybe I have....Love, Dad

Definitely a cuke. I'm making pickles like a mad woman with mine.


i gotta go with cucumber

Whatever it is, it's COOL!

Teeny weeny zucchini?

Your blog has surprises every day! Thanks for sharing,

I'm going with zucchini but are those bumps supposed to be there? At first I thought they were aphids but now I dont think so. Hmmm...




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