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I can't believe you touch those nasty looking grashoppers! Blech!

Hey out there! The grasshoppers are not the size of chickens, don't bite people, free range chickens will run 30 ft. for one if they see'em fly. A small butterfly type net will help snag hoppers much quicker without to much effort and damage to ones self and the plants. To bad there is not a "crick" and some barefoot boys to ketch'em for fish bait. Love, Dad

I love seeing pictures of food growing but oh my gosh, those grasshoppers, yikes. I would be still running if I saw one of those. You are so brave to handles them and serve them up to your chickens. Great photos.

Judging by the look on that chicken's face, he KNOWS that there is a grasshopper snack in his very near future!

Anna, you are becoming quite the gardener! Cowpeas, yummmmmm. I haven't had any fresh ones in years. I'm from East TX and we grow a lot over there, but not so much where I now live--just a few miles to your South. It takes more space than I have for those.
My tomatoes are beginning to reduce drastically in production. If it's much over 70 degrees at night, the blooms won't set. We haven't seen temps that low in weeks.
As for your zucchini...I understand that you have to have a male and female flower for them to pollinate. Maybe that's your problem--more hanky panky needed in the garden!
You have Mr. Armadillo and I have Mama Deer. Yesterday I opened my front door to a doe and two spotted fawns in my front yard--and I live in the city! Cucumbers, beets, tomatoes and rose bushes are favorites for nibbling on in my garden. I've discovered that if I sprinkle grated Irish Spring soap flakes around the plants, it seems to keep the deer away. Wish I could find a good cure to keep the squirrels from picking my green tomatoes. Oh well, I guess we just have to plant extras for the critters. Makes you consider having squirrel and dumplins' for dinner, though.

Hanky panky.....bahahaaaaaaaa you are so funny! That is a great shot, I love it!! And look at the hungry look on that chicken lol!

The eagle eye on that chicken looks like she is ready to attack those grasshoppers! Swell photos. tfs

HAHAHAHA, love your explicit warning! LOL You are too funny!
I would delight in feeding hoppers to your chickens! I used to feed them to the big garden spiders...just to see them come get them, suck them dry, then wrap them up! It's just fascinating to watch! :D I'm sure the chickens enjoy them even more than the spiders! (and I'm terrified of spiders)
Your veggies look wonderful! Wish I could send you some rain. There's flooding all around here, and much worse in other parts of NE. Ugh. Seems there's always too much or not enough...
Have a great weekend! I'd love to have some of those cucumbers...the pickling ones are my fave to EAT! YUM!!! :D
Take care.

I LOVE your photographs, but did you have to post GRASSHOPPERS?!?! I am terribly afraid of them (would rather deal with a spider!). Luckily your pictures are beautiful and I'll forgive you :)

Oh Anna, you make me smile. Good Morning Dear. We are beginning to have issues with the japanese beetles. The are thinking thr green bean foliage is tasty. Too many to hand pick. (And garden is a mile form the house and I am not out there every day. ) With so much rain our tomatoes are struggling. We have a boat load of peas and potaoes already. But zuchinni and pumpkins are sparse. The bell pepper, kolorabi & Brusselsprouts are growing nicely.
Mr Armadillo sounds like a pain in the patootie... like Mr Groundhog in our garden.
Enjoy the day and may it gently rain for you today. We have finally got a dry day and maybe three ! YEAH. Big Hugs from IA

You crack my up! Great photos, though.

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