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how are you doing that!? It may be the influence of my 2 year old, but I only have one chicken i can get close to, charlie... the roosted bit me on saturday morning, he even drew blood!

What a sweetie Teaspoon is. That's neat that she will let you hold her like that every night.

You truly the chicken whisperer. Love the photos.

Hi Anna,

I just had to share a link to my stamping friends blog....look what she found on her porch!


awww..little tsp...really enjoys your nightly rubbings!! how funny...and I LOVE your "jammy pants"..I live in those babies come nightime...perfect for doing things around the house or if company happens to show up.

Use watered down cheap beer to get your yellowed plants to revive them ... It works for me .. If you like beer test it before watering down the beer. hehe... Have a great week end. :))) Peggie in Las vegas

Anna, Anna, Anna! You are the cutest chicken lover! I can't believe you rub Teaspoon's feet! He's so spoiled. ;-)

Wow, you have some great plants going there. Your soil looks so good, wish I had it here. Love your Teaspoon & cute pants! Try to stay cool.

How cool! I never knew chickens liked to be touched so much! That is awesome that he loves for you to pet him...FUN! and too cute! AND I LOVE your pants...they are adorable! :D

Wow...roosters got ugly feet! So ugly they're almost cute. I've never seen what the bottoms of their feet look like before. Gotta say I think Teaspoon's feet look cleaner than my boys' summer feet right now, ha ha!

Can I be a chicken on your farm??? Nightly belly rubs and hand feeding of grasshoppers??? Saaweeeeet!!!!
You have lucky critters for sure? Just wondering if alan gets in on the belly rubbing too (either the giver or the receiver!!!!)

Teaspoon is adorable, who wouldn't love all that attention? it is evident that he does :)

I am in total awe, Anna ... I had no idea that you could actually hold and cuddle a chicken ... I did not think that they would like that. Then again, probably not just anyone could cuddle one of them. After all, you are the critter-whisperer!

OMG, i totally love the pants. I want them! Are they like PJ/lounge pants?? I am a ladybug fanatic :-) Teaspoon is hysterical too. I love all the animal pics you post. I'm a Veterinary Technology student and will soon be on the farm at school... chickens, horses, pigs, sheep. I can hardly wait for next semester !!!

What type of chicken is Teaspoon? I want a chicken with a personality like that in my coop. Pants are a hoot.

That is adorable - he's got you trained!! I love the pants, it's the first thing I noticed :)

I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your animals. I love the chickens pictures the best. I had no idea that chickens liked to be held and petted! Thanks for sharing!

Such a lucky boy he is. Love the pants, they look cool and comfy. (Do you usually wear your pretty ring outside?!?!) Bigs hugs...

I LOVE your pants! What-chu talkin' bout? Too cute! And your chickens... all of them. They each one seem to have a special personality and I never tire of reading about them or seeing their photos. I love it too that you lovingly handle all of your animals. Each day I leave your blog feeling warm and happy feelings and thoughts. You are your family are such good people...I can tell that just from your words and photos. Thank you for sharing with us.

cute pants, but i'm still in shock over your upside down chicken! you have some crazy critters on your farm, just what exactly is in the water there? ;)

Anna love the pants and the pictures are wonderful! Teaspoon looks so happy!! :)

Anna, I just love these pictures and your routine. My husband and I are animal-loving people, so I really enjoy following your animal blogging. I came for the stamping, but enjoy it all. ;) Thanks for sharing things like this, it made me smile.

Hellooo, I love your pants! Cute, cute, cute. And, um, how often do you check your PO Box? ;o)

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