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I would really love to hear the real story of pip squeak and the rind. But it was hilarious imagining the chickens using pip and an chickolympic sport. Thanks for making me laugh.

I LOVE your photos and your stories. Living in the suburbs, I don't see much wild life. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the laughs, Anna. We true photographers wouldn't dream of intervening in the lives of our pets/animals until we get the shot FIRST!

The photo I will never get, but has happened twice now is my cat Cubby "clowning around". I have a stack of boxes in my bedroom like steps that reach almost to the top of an open closet. The top of the closet is only a foot from the ceiling, so I thought it would be fun for the cats to have a place to climb and look down on things as felines like to do. The stack of boxes doesn't quite reach the top of the closet - there's a short leap to the top. So, leap they do. But twice now, Cubby has leapt not quite far enough and caught himself from falling by clinging to the ledge overhead by just his claws. His back feet are only a foot from the surface below, but he clings there not knowing that, with a wild look in his eyes while I laugh and wish I had my camera!

How funny! Great photos! Reminds me of a time my husband called out to me that there was a cat walking around outside backwards because something was covering its head. I went out to investigate and kitty had a potato chip bag stuck over his head. Guess he stuffed his face in there to lick the remaining little pieces out and then found himself in quite a predicament!

I don't know what's funnier ... your crazy farm critters or your crazy sense of humor, Anna. Thanks for the entertainment.

This is too funny!

That's hysterical! I thought the poor thing had an awful tumor on his chest at first glance. I love how he struts around with it . . . still full of attitude, even with his grapefruit rind attire. Hee hee hee!

Oh Anna! I love your photos and your wonderful stories! My goodness - ring toss? Jealous rage? You are so funny! Thanks for the grin!

I don't know which is funnier...the photos, or the stories you tell about them! :D This is too funny. I would have loved to have seen how that happened!!! And also his reaction afterward...haha What characters your critters are! I love it! And I always need the smiles that I get when I read your blog!
Have a great end of the week!

Oh too funny! At first I thought it looked like half of a donut..but naw...he would have eaten that!! this is just hilarious!!!

This reminds me of the year the parks ppl in Lincoln decided that the Canada Geese should have paper collars around their necks for identification. That was great until it snowed and rained and froze and they all had huge collars of ice!
But, yeah, I thought Pip looked like he'd developed some wild ancestor mating thing, too! :))))

Hee Hee...yep, I laughed too. Poor guy,he does look pretty funny. I thought it was half a donut at first glance.

That is SO funny! When I first looked, I thought he was doing some weird puffed up mating dance, when really all he wanted was a new necklace! LOL


This is hilarious! I also had to laugh that every time something like this happens, you have to run in to get your camera - maybe you should have it with you all the time! (although you seem to have all the animals well trained to wait until you come back with it - maybe you could talk to my kids?!)

How funny...love your blog...not like anyother I have read.

my birds seem so boring next to yours!

Pip reminds me of a beautiful Greyhound we adopted. . . we came home when he was still a new member of our household, to find him proudly wearing a Doritos bag around his neck. He had swiped it from the kitchen, snacked on all the chips and stuck his face into the bag to get every crumb, pushed right through the bottom of the bag, causing it to push down over his long regal neck like a turtleneck sweater. Our animals sure keep us laughing!

Too Funny. Thanks for the photos and narration. (You are too funny, too!) Love visiting everyday to see what's up. Hugs...

Ah ha haha ha ha ha ha! This is hysterical. How did you keep the camera still to photograph while laughing too? Poor fellow. I'm sure he was embarrassed. Too, too funny!

OMGosh...how funny. I love all the fun antics that go on around your place Anna but most of all I love how you are aware of all the enjoyment that living on a farm brings. Thanks for sharing these moments with us!

ha!ha! crack me up...tube top bikini! Your crazy chicken is still Adorable! Thank you for making us smile with your fun pictures & stories!

Your photos are just so wonderful, you have a true gift. Thank you for sharing your beautiful furry and feathered friends.

That's hilarious! Love posts like this.

This is just hilarious!

You have some crazy chickens, Anna! LOL

Who'da thunk it?!

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