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I had Seafood Cantaloni or some such spelling and a marvelous Greek salad on the waterfront in Florence, Oregon with a lovely lady friend...... Love, Dad

Thanks for the tip Anna; I got my vegetable wok at Target on clearance yesterday, along with a flat rack too; Happy grilling everyone!

That is one of our favorite veggie dishes too. We use salad dressing instead of oil- Italian or Greek is yummy!

Yummo, that hamburger has my taste buds tingling. I'll definitely try the garlic powder and pepper flakes. Your veggies look so colorful.

* that is my tummy * Your photos and all the comments are making me HUNGRY. That grilling bowl looks like a good investment. Hugs...

We grill veggies like that but use aluminum foil instead. Spray with Pam so they don't stick, slice up onion, peppers, mushrooms, zuccini, yellow squash....sprinkle with seasoning and fold up the foil to that it's closed. Grill for 15-20 minutes....open and dump into a bowl....enjoy!

Y*U*M* I want to come have dinner with YOU guys!!! :D

We're doing hamburgers and hot dogs with Potato Salad, macaroni salad, sliced tomatoes, watermelon and fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert. Plus lots of adult beverages and sparkling apple juice for the grandkids.

Hmmm, I may have to stop at Target on my way home! We've been grilling vegetables lately but do it with large pieces right on the grill; I was thinking of looking for one of those old-fastioned toast thingies or I think I've seen a rack that opens up to cook fish on the grill; perfect lil gift for my Barbeque Bob!

Yum, looks good! My nubby just bought a big Lyfe Tyme grill so we've been using it every weekend. Tonight we are doing turkey burgers, Rosemary sweet potato fries and pineapple! I bought him some similar bowls last weekend ar Sur La Table.

Phabulous Photography! I'm on the hunt for a grill bowl like yours. Thanks so much for the great idea. My Alan is a Grill Master and this bowl will suit him perfectly. Have a marvelous weekend.

OMGosh Anna, you just showed me the PERFECT Father's Day gift for my hubby! He will LOVE a grill bowl! I'll be off looking for one after work today! Thanks for the tip!

I like veggies cooked like that-on the grill or in the oven is good as well. Our two daughters will be here Sunday afternoon to see their dad. I asked him what he wanted for supper and here is the menu:

*either grilled burgers or little burgers cooked in mushroom soup, onions and spices for gravy (depends on how hot it is outside whether we grill)
*BirdsEye steamed corn
*Mashed potatoes
*Tossed lettuce salad
*Hot rolls (Sister Schubert instead of from scratch this time)
*Cinnamon rolls (I am trying Rhodes instead of making from scratch) and Chocolate pie using a Pillsbury Dough Boy crust.

You can tell I am all about easy this time around-thanks to BirdsEye,Rhodes, Sister Schubert and Pillsbury!!

This is about the same menu both daughters want for their BD dinners. The dessert usually changes for them-peach cobbler or chocolate delight usually.

We LOVE grilled zucchini. Grilling makes most veggies taste so much better.

Is 5:30am too early to start up the grill?! :)

We are hoping to go camping and if we do we'll grill steaks. Could you tell us where you got the grilling bowl? I'd like to get one.

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