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You should keep them & name them, eeny, meeny, miney & moe...just sayin'...LOL

oh my stars....they are just too cute. DON't show us any more pics, (ha). They are bound to just get more tempting as they grow.

Awwwww, I wish I lived nearby. I'd take one in a heartbeat! Bless you and Alan for finding them and caring for them!

Oh my ever lovin goodness, those poor sweet little things, orphans so young. When I lived in my first apartment I went to the dumpster to toss the garbage in and heard some sounds coming from the bin. I got my boyfriend to jump in and we found a sack of new born puppies. Only one survived and we named him Lucky. I know what a labor of love raising new born critters is. God bless you and Alan for your rescue efforts, those litle babies are in the best hands.

They're so tiny and cute! That's very nice of you and Alan to save them from starvation and get those nasty fleas off of them. Hope they find good homes. Adorable photos!

awww..the poor little things..or I should say the "lucky little things"...good thing they have you and Alan..the pics are too funny of the bath and feedings...you two are the best!!!

God love those sweet little babies...and Alan for taking such good care of them. I guess you have some new farm cats if you can't find homes for them!

Oh my goodness...I feel so bad that momma kitty got hit and killed. I just get so upset when people run over animals like that so needlessly.
So happy that you and Alan are the wonderful people you are. These babies are just so precious. You know me I'd take all 4 if I was able to. Thanks for sharing their story. They are adorable.

My DH is SO lucky we don't live close, otherwise I'd take one of those little cuties off your hands in an instant! Alan is such a saint to think about looking for the litter of kittens!

Sounds like your farm just grew by "16 feet"! The kittens could not have been rescued by anyone more compassionate and caring than you and your hubby. Just the fact that Alan would think to go and search out a possible litter of kittens, speaks volumes about his kind soul.

I'm so glad that if it had to happen, poor momma, that it near YOUR house!!!!! They are very lucky little cuties! You and Alan are true blessings to critters and i know they are very greatful! Good luck finding thems homes (glad it wasn't me, i'd have four more mouths to feed, cause i'm a sucker)!

You and Alan are good people. Not many would have taken the time or expressed an intertest in looking for kitties! Not many would have dealt with a dead kitty cat either.
You two are proof that angels walk the earth!
Love, Manetta

You guys are the BEST! Good luck with finding them Furever homes....my two girls came from a rescue and we couldn't be happier with each other.
Luv all of your down on the farm reports

I hope you find homes for them, but after a couple of week (I went to see more cute kitten pictures). If only I were in TX, I would certainly take one of these little beauties for myself.

Keeping my fingers crossed for both you and them! Keep us updated Anna, I know that there are a lot of kitten lovers that follow your blog.


Oh, those cute little faces! You and Alan are my heroes! My 2 youngest cats were only 4 weeks old when they were left on a co-workers doorstep, also complete with fleas. My vet said they were old enough (at 6 weeks) to withstand flea-killing chemicals and I guess they were because 5 years later they are sill healthy. But I still felt bad when the flea collar on Cubby stuck to his neck and rubbed off the fur. Ick! The treatment was a necessary evil when I had 2 other cats and fleas all over my house!

I wish I was close by! I rescued our last kitty from the woods and he became such a part of our family. Just like your kitties, he had so many fleas when I put him in water to bathe him it turned red with blood. Those sweet kitties are so lucky Alan tried to find them! bless you both.

I wish I lived near you as I would have loved to help out. I am so glad they have someone to look out for them :o)

What a dear tender heart your Alan is. Lucky you and lucky kitties. :) I keep saying no more pets in the house. HA! Now that we have DH's devil dog, I just might need another cat. My sweet Sabrina *A long hair calico* is 16years. Her litter mate Fido was lost during our fire 2 1/2 years ago. We miss him. He was pale yellow stripe like these. Good Luck find omes for all of them. Hugs to you and Alan...

Oh my goodness...what little darlings! Wish I lived near you and could help pyou with them! I LOVE cats! Bless your heart taking good care of these little warm and fuzzies! :)

Ohhh my goodness! Sweet kittens ~ I can almost smell them from here, especially now since they are all warm and clean.

I'm glad you found them and are able to save them ~ You and Alan are certainly special for doing so. Hope there isn't too many 2 a.m. feedings for your sake! EEEEeekkk! They are soooo adorable but be careful, you may end up with more cats on the farm then you every intended....HMMMM like maybe four more *wink*.

Awww, the kittens are so blessed to have you. They are adorable and hope you find good loving homes for them.

How sweet! Wish I lived closer.

Oohh! Oohh!! I may need one. :)

Oh how sad the poor mommy cat got killed. Bless you, you took care of them!

I "received" twice a litter of 5 kittens. The first time, somebody anonymous left 5 very small kittens in a carton box on my doorstep with a carton of milk. Doh, they had to be bottlefed, so small they were. I still have two of that litter. The second time it happened was last year when a car drove up to our backyard and dropped a carton with a mommy cat and a litter of five and sped off before we could do anything. Luckily this time there was a mommy to feed them. I still have that mother cat and 4 of her litter, who are a year old now. One of the males ran of as he had not been spayed. The other four and mothercat I had spayed and neutered (kittens when they are 6 months old), but the one that ran of, was away the day we took them all to the vet, so he "escaped". The animal shelter here only takes in dogs and no cats and all my flyers who wants a cat didn't bring any results.
So now, together with my own cats, I got 14 or so. Love them all, but sometimes...it's a lot of cats to feed :)

I hope you"ll find a warm home for them and thank you so much for what you are doing.
From a fellow cat-lover :)

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