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How exciting, Anna! You're perfect for the job!

Congratulations! How exciting! You'll certainly wow the readers with your photos & animal stories.

Congratulations Anna! How exciting! You are truly amazing.

OMGOSH Anna I am so excited for you. Congrats on your new position , writing for Grit wow. Your stories of life on the farm are fascinating. Also love your pictures and the fact that you name all of your animals........Keep us informed!!!!!!!!!

Hi Anna,
I am Mary and I am the one that keeps writing you telling you about when I lived on a farm and oh! I do miss it so much and I envy you so much. I used to take the Grit and was wondering if they still were in business I loved that little Magazine, and I would love to have you tell some more of your wonderful stories about your sweet lil animals and also a recipe or two sometimes . What ever you write is great so I love all your articles you write Who can be choosy?lol

Wonderful news!! Congratulations!! I would like to see articles on unusual types of gardening (such as your plants in baskets) and also recipes using the produce from this gardening. You will be a true asset to their magazine!!

Bravo Anna ! Congratulations on this next adventure in your life and can't wait to see what it brings :0)

chickens and your square foot gardening and chickens.....ummmm did I mention chickens?? LOL.


Congrats!!! I love reading about your chickens! I would love to have chickens but hubby says "no way" so I do enjoy your stories and pictures about them. Also, recipes would be great!!! Best of luck!!!!

While I love reading the adventures on the farm with the animals I really need help with growing things in Central Texas. So your input on plants to plant and how to take care of them the best ways for flowering and food would be perfect for me. Thanks.

That's fantastic! I would love to see you continue to write about your animals! They all have such personality and it is so much fun to "hear" about them!!

Congrats!!! Love reading about your everyday farm adventures. And BoxCar Betty, cause she makes me giggle. Who can resist that face??? :)
Can't wait!!

Actually Anna, where are the pictures of you and the chickens in the pool? Yes, he let the cat out of the bag, I mean Alan teased us with that one while he blogged for you when you were absent! Thats what I want to see *smile*

I get the Grit e-mails..so I'm sure I'll see some of your wise/witty words on there..I LOVE mother earth news also!!! not the same as it was many yrs. ago..so says my dad..but hey..I love it now...Congrats to you woman!!!! BLOG on!!!!

How Fun! I went right over and it does look like a very interesting place! I'll be going back, if nothing else to check on your posts!

Congratulations! Your talent to share the real farm life should be shared! There are many who read the mag/site that do not live on farms and desire to know all about that mystical life. Those of us who are farmers and ranchers also enjoy your "ramblings" to enrich our lives and add humor and light to our daily chores and responsibilities. Your photography and illustrations finish out the package in excellence.

Nora Gorhum

Congratulations Anna!! Sounds like a great opportunity for you!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Hi Anna
I think that you are just perfect for Grit. I used to sell subscriptions when I was "younger" as we lived in a real small town and it was extra money I thought it was millions in those days!! Can't wait to read that blog now too

I love reading all about your chickens, goats, and cows. My grandparents owned a dairy farm when I was a kid and I LOVED visiting them. I want you to write all about your animals' antics and all that entails life on a small working farm. I love your animal naming contests and guessing how many eggs were laid, etc. I love seeing the pics of all of them. Pretty much what you are doing now! :D Congrats and many wishes for a long run with GRIT.

I used to sell the GRIT when I was a kid - I had no idea it was still around and now as a magazine!

Awesome Anna! I love your farm posts here and say you just keep doing what you do.

Congratulations Anna! That is such an honor to be chosen as a blogger for GRIT! I think that you've been doing an excellent job in your posts on the website. I just love your wit and wisdom - not to mention all your critter updates, so I guess I'd just encourage you to post more of the same - absolutely LOVE the Baaaad Boxcar Betty escapades :-)

Congrats on the new gig! I'd love to read about your animals on the farm, the life of a farmer, the interactions you have with your neighbors, etc. Can't wait to read what you post and will have to check out GRIT when I get a chance. I don't even think the magazine is available in my bookstores so I may have to get a subscription since it looks like a magazine I will want to read.

congrats to you! what exciting news!

man does this bring back memories! when I would visit my great-grandparents every summer, the first thing my great-grandmother would do whent the Grit paper arrived was take it to her sewing machine and stitch it straight down the middle so it wouldn't fall apart while they were reading. gosh, I had forgotten all about that until I read your post today. they loved that paper! and I had fun reading it because THEY had fun reading it! so glad to hear it is still around! and that you are now a part of it! :) way to go!

Congratulations to you. I am of the same opinion as everyone else, TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS. You are one busy little stamper/farmer. I love your blog and read every word. I've been a long time lurker. I bumped into you at CHA in Anaheim with a gal pal and swore I'd stop lurking and start commenting. Your photo's are magazine worthy and your writing is always a pleasure. I subscribed to Mother Earth many many years ago. I look forward to following you on your new journey.

Wow, Congrats! Wonder if this is the same Grit publication I remember from years ago (I am 71)? Will definitely check the blog out and always look for gardening ideas. tfs

This world needs more laughter and I would love to see you continue to write stories about your life on the farm and your critters, with your amazing sense of humor. Whenever I need a smile, I check out your blog for a "Sweet & Sassy fix"! It works every time!

Youhoo!! A Big CONGRATS!!! That is so right on. You go girl! Don't sweat it cause you do a fab job writing for your blog. Of course you'll need more words LOL for the mag, which I checked out and could have kept reading on for hours; informative, interesting and fun articles.
I hope you'll be able to share your love of stamping and your creations there too; pull some of those readers towards stamping and memory keeping.
Let us know when you get your first article out, would love to read it.
Have a grand time! CONGRATS, again.

Congratulations! I love all of your farm posts. I recommended your blog to a friend for her 3 children ages 7 & under because of your farm post. I will check out Grit. It may be the perfect magazine for my daughter since she and her husband just purchased a farmette. My daughter grew up in town so this is a new experience for her. I love your blog.

What exciting news. I don't live on a farm, but when I was growing up, I had cousins who did, and I always loved visiting them. I really enjoy reading about farm and ranch life.

OMG--I can't believe the Grit is still around. I had forgotten about it. I remember when my grandparents were subscibers for years and then my parents too. When I left the farm at 18 and now to return 40 years later, I realize while enjoying my life in the city, I have missed some of the simple pleasures of the rural life. Good luck with your new adventure--I am going to check it out.

In all the searching I've done for small farm blogs, how have I never found you before? I'm a GRIT reader and have been, since we started dreaming of a 'self-sufficient homestead / hobby farm'.

Loved the bug hunting lesson photo!

Congratulations! This must be very exciting for you. I would really like to see stories of your naughty goats in the magazine, they crack me up every time.

this new venture will be perfect for you...i love your blog and share it with many of my family/friends. just keep doing what you're doing - it is informational, humourous and heartwarming. makes me miss my younger days on the farm...i'm a city girl now and what i wouldn't give to go back to those simpler days (but hard work)!

What wonderful news to hear that GRIT has discovered you. They have exquisite taste in bloggers as evidenced by your selection. Congratulations! As far as topics go - how about discussing how to know which animals get along (and don't) with others? Do you grow your on hay? How is the hay harvested and rolled up or baled? Oh, and definitely more goat and chicken stories.

Congratulations Anna, That is awesome. I love reading about all of your farm animals. I'm sure all the GRIT readers will love it as well.

My goodness you are a busy girl. Sounds like more fun. I think what you blog here could work there. Everyone loves your funny animal antics and terrific photos. I used to subscribe to Grit. Many years ago. Have a fun weekend. Hugs...

Congratulations and know that you are really excited to be able to showcase just one of your many talents. I would love to win the subscription but will for sure follow your writing and pictures. And I don't care if I see them twice I love to relook and see and reread. I would love to see you write about a day in your life from being to end. You must have amazing time management skills. Thanks again for this chance to win something I can enjoy over and over again.

Congratulations Anna!
I would love to hear how you seem to do it all, time management I guess, farm style. Can't wait to see your chickens in the pages of Grit.

oh hahaha I love your blog and I think I have been following for at least two years, maybe longer. I love your stories of life on the farm, they are always really entertaining!

I would love to read some tips on Frugal Farming. I live on a small plot of land (15 acres) and currently have chickens, goats, sheep and two donkeys. I think it would be great to offer tips and advice on how to farm on the cheap. Using "this" for "that" or turning "that" into something else.

Another great blog post could be a top 10 list of many sorts. ie: Top ten mistakes you've made. Top ten things you've learned. Ten best pieces of farming advice you have been given. etc.

Good luck. I look forward to reading!

Congratulations on your new "job". Your writing has such humor and down home tone that you should be perfect for the magazine. I remember reading Mother Earth News a long time ago. I'll have to check out Grit.

It's not what you say, Anna. It's how you say it. Truth-be-told, I'm about as far from "farm-girl" as you could get. Yet, listening to your adventures on the farm frequently leaves me pining for...well, I'm not sure it would be simpler, rather, maybe just a different life.

If I had to encourage you in any direction, it would have to be to keep it personal. Your animals are not just a necessity or a source of income. Their trials and successes are genuinely of interest to you, and therefore, have become interesting to many others.

Congratulations on your new venture (though when you'll have the time, I can hardly fathom!). I'm sure you will be incredibly successful and much-read!

Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. I would love to see ANY of your farm life events in the Grit magazine! How fun! Every single thing you post is wonderfully interesting. You have a gift for writing, and humor. You are just so GREAT!!!
They are getting a true treasure in you. They won't be sorry! :D

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