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Love your garden. Using hose to water them. What a delightful images, thanks for posting those.

Angelo H

Seeing your pics of the zucchini made me think of something my boyfriends sister made us last year so I thought I'd mention it. Fried squash/zucchini blossoms. There are many different ways to enjoy them but those are looking just right for eating. Google to check out some awesome recipes and enjoy!~

Your garden looks so healthy and the photos are beautiful. I love to see food grow and can only imagine how much better it tastes right off the vine. I can't believe your got those butterflies to pose for you, they are very cute!

Anna, Your photos are just delightful! I love your butterflies! Thanks for bringing this joy to my life.

Yum! I'm envious of your beautiful veggies! That is going to be so good; and I'm sure that zucchini was delish! MMmmmmmmmm....love them sauteed with butter and garlic!
Now, how do you know that those are female butterflies? That is something I have never tried~~sexing butterflies! I am curious that you have that knowledge! Amazing! :D
Your tomatoes are HUGE, and coming along nicely! With the hot temps you are having it won't be long until there are LOTS of yummy garden treats to feast on!!! :-)

don't be surprised if I show up @ your door one of these days...i just love seeing your pics of the farm life..still hoping for those chickens here..lol...
How far down do you pinch your tomato plants? I always tear a few stems off from the bottom so they're not touching the soil..just in case of a disease,etc..but never heard of pinching from the top..ours have been in the ground since a week before Mem. day..think I could pinch some?

Love the butterfly pics! And your gardens are doing so well!! Sheesh we just finally got our plants in last weekend! I don't know when you would have the time....but do you can at all??

I love the idea of using the apple baskets to plant things in. Gonna have to remember that. Your zucchini look fantastic. We planted some mammoth sunflowers in the back of our herb garden the past few years and they have always done extremely well in the heat!

Goodness! I want to be there at harvest time :) There is NOTHING more satisfying than eating fresh veggies from your own garden! Brings me back to the days when my granddaddy dug up his entire yard and planted a garden. We were snapping green beans for days! :) YUM!!

Beautiful photos! I can't believe how hot it is there already!

You are the real life Farmville girl! LOL. Love the pictures. Good luck with the gardens.

Great looking gardens! You're going to have some yummy stuff this summer & fall. Your butterfly friends are so pretty - what great photos.

I love your garden pictures! I just planted a baby pumpkin plant for our little pumpkin. I hope it grows!

I had to laugh about your cat comment. Our cats always "otherwise" in our flowerbeds or front-porch flowerbox, ha ha! And our dogs (choc lab & a yellow lab mix)just tromp thru anything and everything. I really enjoy reading your blog--thanks for sharing!

Love your 'containable' garden. Things look so healthy. I have tomatoes and also some volunteer cantaloupe plants I am letting grow to see how they do-they are sure going to take up a lot of space in my little garden. I was going to do zucchini for relish but a friend said she was growing me some-great friend. My sister said she would have plenty of green peppers for the relish so it will be a joint effort!

I do envy your longer growing season. But not the heat! Yikes. It will be cool and rainy here today. Do I see lavender in the flower photo? I plan to try it again. Are the baskets lined with anything or just pour in the soil? Love the butterfly photos. Little buggers never sit in one place long enough for me to get a photo. :) Hugs...

Gorgeous photos, especially love the ones of the butterflies.

Good luck with your new gardens. It may be a little late, but seeds aren't very expensive and you have the water handy. I'm just down the road a piece from you--yeah, I'm a native Texan--and I'm about to run out of room in the crisper for squash. My neighbor doesn't want to see me coming anymore! I picked a bowl of cukes today, and we've had tomatoes and peppers for about 2 weeks. The greens and radishes are already gone. Those homegrown veggies are just sooooo good!

WOW! Those butterflys are like the super models of the butterfly world!! Those are long legs!! Great photos as always!!!

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