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Thank you, Thank you! Lori and I got home today from the "shake down cruise" of the new toy. The knees are workin great, to bad the rest of the ol bod is not as good. Anna will be able to check out the new ride later this summer on another trip to a different part of Montana for some scenic stuff and hopefully some bigger fish than the last trip. Love, Dad

Happy Father's Day to Alan! I think you both make excellentparents to ALL your animals. I love your picture of him with the black kitty (I'm rather partial to black kitties as I have 5 myself). LOL! Can you give me any pointers for taking photos of my kitties (along with my very doing black lab too)?


Yes, a very happy day to your awesome Dad; and to John and Alan, too! You are surrounded by awesome men, and I know you appreciate it! Happy Father's Day to all Dads, and all Dads of animals and other deserving things, too!!! :D You are all loved for what you bring to the lives surrounding you!

Great photos.

What great shots, Anna. And how are Dan's knees doing anyway?

What fun sharing these great photo's of the special men in your life. Wishing them all a Happy Father's Day.

Love the photo with the stop-action on the "helpfulness"!!! Hope you and family and critters all have a lovely (if not cool) day.

Sending Happy Father's day to all your guys!

Great post - fun photos and I'll join in the best wishes for Father's Day!

Such a sweet post today in honor of all the great guys in your life. Hey, we feel like we know them too and want to send our wishes for VERY HAPPY DAY, hugs to all,....

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