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How adorable! I love the red of the first one's comb, combined with his dark eyes and yellow beak. And those "shingled," multi-colored feathers are the best! What 'do's they both have!

Thanks for sharing these photos. I got a White Terrier Webkinz for Christmas and her fur is like a frizzle chicken, so I named her Frizzel. this will be good to show the kids why I named her that! :)))

They are adorable. Their feathers are amazing.

hmmmmm....I think this a face only a mother could love. :D But the coloring is nice!

Cute they are ! Have a fun week. hugs...

They are truly, adorable! Their feathers look so soft.

WOW, those chickies are the cutest! Wish I had a farm just to look at those little babies.

I think God created you as a 'girl' Dr Doolittle just to make us happy...Your curly chooks are just so cute and I can imagine they have a personality all of there own. I can tell you adore each and every one of your animal friends, we are so lucky that they allow us up-close and personal and trust us not to hurt them. I feel sorry for people who don't know the what it feels like to love a pet or appreciate an animal like we do.

Yes, they ARE adorable! So different looking than what I always thought of as a "chicken"...unique, to say the least!!!
And you are a wonderful frizzle Momma, I'm sure they wouldn't be nearly as cute if someone else was their Mom! :D

OMG! They are darling! How cool that their feathers frizzle outward! I had no idea!! If I lived closer I'd be on your doorstep in a heartbeat.

Just curious...is that the name of them? Frizzle chicks? Or do they come by a more scientific unpronounceable and unspellable name? This was the first I'd heard of them. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

OH aren't they so cute!!! I so wish I was a bit closer, not to far from you.. but far enough. I still haven't talked Hubby into Chickens.. he worries about the coyotes -

BTW... we had another baby donkey today :0) stop by and see how cute she is!!


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