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I love their big bellies...heehee

I see her boobies...LOL

Isn't live easy when everyone follows the rules. Love all the shots and I have never seen a goat smile, I'm amazed! Thanks for sharing.

Those are great photos.


As usual, your photos just plain make me feel good and bring a smile to my face, after a very long day. Thanks so much Anna!

You are just fabulous at animal shots girl! I bow to you! Doing animal shots every Saturday on my blog gets so hard some weeks... I love the fun shots - the hysterical shots - the gorgeous light shots.. you rule! Oh and the models for the presentation were pretty perfect too!

the Photographer and Comedian Award goes to ....Anna Wight!!!!!!!! *applause*

makes me want to get a goat or two, however city ordinances are against it. Bummer... so great pictures, and so neat of you to share.

You are so funny! Very amusing!

OMGosh! I LOVE these photos! I wonder if they know how popular they are! TFS!

Great photos as always, Anna!! Life on a farm....can't get much better!!

I've been thinking about you lately....how's your mom doing??

Haha, great rules; and I love that first pic of C. smiling! TOO CUTE!!!
The duck pix are great, too...my, they surely have grown up so quickly!!
I love all the wonderful critter pix, they always make me smile! I hope you and Alan have a WONDERFUL weekend! Crank up the A/C and stay cool! :D

Your rules and regulations are so funny! I cannot tell you how much they made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!!!

More great and fun photos with the goats. They do seem to try to follow the rules! Hugs...

Wonderful photos, they look adorable and great fun to watch. Love the rules LOL!

You crack me up!

Darling! I love all of the photos, and your captions are just perfect! I never knew that goats smile! :D

You are so hilarious!! You really need to publish a book with the photo's and captions of all the fur & feathered farm critters. I'll be first in line at the book store for an autographed copy! I LOVE living vicariously through you on the farm!!

Such excellent rules. Great farm animals.

Great photos, Anna.

You're so funny, Anna! =0) Fantastic photos!


Oh my word Anna, that is hilarious. I love the photo that goes with rule #2!!!

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