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omg what gorgeous creatures, and you have captured them so beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing your life and photos with us.
Evelynn from Ks.

WOWZER! Woman....you do get the best pics!!! I've also got tons of dragonflies in our garden, and I'm "pretty sure" I saw one eat a bug the other day..sure hope so, cuz it wasn't one of the "good bugs." I'll have to try my hand @ the photography when I return home..
your site is the best Anna!!!

Pioneer Woman is having a bug photo contest. If you haven't already, please submit some of these!

Oh my gosh, National Geographic should be beating down your door! Absolutely fabulous and the detail is just awesome.

Wow!! So close and sharp! Beautiful shots Anna!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

absolutely amazing photos!!! Who knew dragonflies could be so beautiful! Thank you for sharing all of your work with us....I am equally awed by your photography and your crafty projects :) Your blog is my fun stop each day b/c you just never know what you are going to find but it's always worth the trip!

These are fantastic Anna! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us! So cool to see these close ups!
Kathy Camasso

Your pictures are amazing! I found your blog because of stamping, but I love reading about your farm adventures and seeing all the wonderful pictures!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Anna!!! Thank you so much for braving the heat to get these FABULOUS photos to share with us. These are just BEAUTIFUL and amazing. I don't think I've ever seen such detail about a dragonfly. I have a friend who is crazy about them . . . I'm off to link her to your post!


Wow..I'm blown away by all of your pictures! Your beautiful photos belong in a book & framed on a wall!
TFS!! Have a peaceful weekend!

Those are OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic photos. You are such a skilled photographer, as we know! AMAZING! You need to submit your photos to any and every contest you can find! I know that you would win some of them!!! :D
Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT weekend!

Wow! These are just awesome photo's. Thanks so much for sharing.

My husband and son were looking over my shoulder as I viewed these beauties, and Bob said, "Now THAT'S the kind of pictures I want to take!" These are awesome, and I love that blue light in the top photo!

I would like to purchase some of your photos to make a collage for my 'hobby room'. Your pictures are funny and make me laff. Where can I find prices and sizes. Also, would I also be able to put some of them on a 4.25x5.5 card front to mail to my mom. She can't get out much due to complications of diabetes.
Many thanks...I love the cows and chickies!

These are just amazing. That first one is so spectacular - well they all are. Thanks for sharing a special touch of summer. I love dragon flies. Hugs.

Awesome close ups. The details are phenomenal!

Your photos are amazing, Anna! I love dragonflies. They are perfect for The Pioneer Woman's latest photo challenge.

Oh Anna - what spectacular photographs. I would love to know what kind of camera you have. I realize that a good portion of these wonderful shots are due to your expertise, but good equipment doesn't hurt. Inquiring minds want to know. =)

AWESOME! I can't believe you don't walk around the farm with the camera around your neck all the time. You always seem to have so many wonderful things going on to photograph.

That is too cool!

A-mazing photos!!!! National Geographic could not have done it better..... awesome Anna!


My goodness - absolutely amazing!
Thanks so much!

Peace & Luv,

So very cool! Thanks for sharing these.

Fabulous photographs, Anna!!! I love to watch dragonflies doing their aerial acrobatics when I'm sitting on my deck. They are so colorful and graceful. I have never been able to get them to sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture but then I just have a small Sony CyberShot so the detail just wouldn't be there in the end. Thanks for sharing :)

I'm so glad you followed your instinct and grabbed the camera last night. It was a worthwhile risk. You sure have a steady hand - these photos are so crisp and the resolution is high. I'm amazed at the variety of species. Personally I think the dragonflies intentionally parked themselves in the shadow of the tomato cage bar in order to shade their heads from the sun's tortuous rays. I sure enjoyed your photos. TFS.

OMG you are the most talented woman I know.... these photographs are unbelieveable....

Ohhhh, Anna, Dragonflies are some of my all timeFAVORIEcreatures. I have tried unsucessfully for YEARS to get a good dragonflyphoto. Little buggers would never sit still or allow me to move close enough. I have a macro lens that came with my digital camera. Not as good as yours. I can only get about 18 inchs close. I am using a SONY a300. Still learning the finer points.
Do you suppose they land on the uprights because they simulate the reeds they usually hang on?

Awesome, Awesome photos!

Fabulous shots! I don't know what it is about dragonflies but I find them beautiful. The very first photo is especially wonderful!

Anna, your shots are amazing. Such a wonderful peak at nature!

See those black spots on the tips of their wings? they are little tiny weights that allow the wings to beat faster than should they not have that additional weight on the wing tips. Isn't all nature all a miracle?

These pictures are amazing, their eyes are so cool. I think you should just always take the camera outside then you won't have to run back to get it, and risk missing that award winning picture.
Thanks for sharing all your fun critters.

What stunning shots Anna! Their wings look like delicate pieces of stained glass ~ beautiful.

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