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Geographic habitation duly noted. Will not be visiting. I actually had a shiver of revulsion. :(

ugh! at least the snakes last month at my house one in the front yard was a bull snake 4 1/2 feet long, and the next day a black coach whip in the back yard, not sure how long as it was curled up and I was NOT getting any closer, are NOT poisonous, I hate to say it, but I would have had my hubby kill the copperhead, I wouldn't take any chances.


Yikes! We don't have copperheads here but I remember them from living on the east coast. We get the occasional rattler up by the house - thankfully not very often.

I live in NC. Unfortunately, we live with these things also, but that is a big buster. One snagged my mom's big toe--she had an awful ordeal in the hospital. HOWEVER, the good news is, she did not lose any of her toe, and her rheumatoid arthritis went completely into remission! Not that I'm recommending it as a treatment. . . !

EEEKKK! Bad, Bad Mister snake. Kudos to your bravery in taking the picture. I would have been safely LOCKED behind a door.

They do say things are bugger in Texas!!! (in this case maybe not size, but in danger!!).... Its a good thing the rest of the critters on your ranch are so darn cute, because between the spiders and snakes I wouldn't be able to handle it!!!

Yikes!!! Yet another reason to stay out of Texas!!Seriously, are you trying to keep visitors away? Wiki says they are not anywhere near endagered so I would have to say his head would not be long attached to the rest of his body!!
Wear boots -- no flip flops!!

I love all critters and know they have a place in our world, but I wouldn't want him on my doorstep, that's for certain! Yikes!

Yikes, am I the only one who thinks this snake recently had lunch? The only way I'd go near it is if it were a purse accessory. I hope you got its picture with a telephoto lens! Ewwwwwww!!!

my son found a 4 foot black snake in our kitchen! We ascertained it wasn't poisonous so he "led" it outside; later a guy working on our pergola that collapsed in the snow we had (YES, 6 mos ago!) told us about the snake living on the side of the house -- so far he's not come back into the kitchen! :) Keep that sucker away from the chicken coop! er house, er mansion you guys have!

One word comes to mind: EWWWWWWW!

One more in the ever increasing list of reasons to bug out....looks like a nice belt or wallet to me, live release is not an option! We're headed for the Oregon coast in the new motorhome,Do da,Oh do da day!Love, Dad

Did he kill it?

I love snakes, but I am not interested in poisonous snakes on my porch! What did you do with it? Sure is a great photo! :) Yep, snake day here, too. One live garter snake, photographed and released, and one dead one, about to be skinned, which I had forgotten about. Thanks for the reminder! Oh and a cecropia moth is laying eggs in the butterfly house! :)))

It's a beautiful Snake........but needless to say, I think that I'd pee my pants if I found that on my porch!!! Beautiful Photograph Anna

I hope that fella is now a deceased snake!!! Those are so dangerous! EEEEKKKK!
Glad the dogs didn't have an encounter with him. That is scary! They could have gotten really sick from a bite...
Thank goodness you are all OK. I hope Alan didn't have any trouble killing it!
And I hope its relatives aren't close by either....TAKE CARE!

My parents have had these on their property from time to time. Once, their dog, Mutley, found one the hard way when it bit him on the tongue as he was barking at it at the woodpile. They had to rush him to the emergency vet - fairly far away. Thankfully they treated him and he was fine but he did lose a little chunk of the side of his tongue. Poor doggie...SCARY, right?!

omg, omg, omg, omg. It's time to move. I would have had my bags packed and been in my car on the way to Oregon. AAAAhHHHH, guuuueeeeelleccchh. The shivers won't stop.

keep him right down there in Texas...not a snake lover..if I never see one again..its too soon...

too scary for me. How far away were you to photo this?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (could you hear me screaming from Mesa, AZ?) I do not like snakes. This photo reminds me why I would like to be married. Otherwise, I do pretty good by myself. LOL

Gosh Anna.

Well, it must be snake-day Monday! I came home today to find our dogs staring in nonmoving fascination at my flip-flops by the front door. While they are cute flip-flops, I thought they'd finally lost their little doggy minds. When I moved a flip-flop a little brown snake less than a ft long slithered out...gah! I really tried to make myself pick it up, but it was so slithery. I managed to get it out the front door. That's the 2nd time I've found one in our house. The 1st time I was picking up the boys' toys and thought they'd left a rubber snake on the floor to scare me. I reached down to pick it up and the doggone thing reared back and flicked its tongue at me. I think I did that little run- in-the-air thing that cartoon characters do!

When I was growing up my brother had a few snakes all nonpoisonous though. I would have wanted him far, far away.Hope he doesn't like chicken..

Ewwwwwwww. Glad to know he's found a more suitable location than your porch. My son was fascinated by snakes as a little boy. I frequently found a shedded snake skin in his bedroom....fortunately for me, though, I never found a live snake!

I'm sorry but I wouldn't relocate a poisonous snake I would slam a big ole sledge hammer on his head.

OK, that is just sick! So how do you get rid of a snake like this? I would run and scream, but I guess that wouldnt help much!

Yikes! I see snakes here in suburban California on a regular basis, but none are every dangerous. I don't like snakes.

Oh yikes! I do NOT like any kind of snake. No thank you! I hope Alan took it away.

Eeek! That is the sound of me shrieking and screaming in horror! Hope both you and Alan and all the sweet critters stay safe! Please tell me that you always wear boots and carry a gun to blow them critters away.


*Shreek* can you hear me all the way to TX? I am NOT a snake fan. Yes they serve their place in the eco system. But NOT my porch (or in my camper as happened last summer!) I can stand to see one at a fair distance. I will not touch one. No Pet Snake for me.
Thankfully we mostly only have garter snakes and bull snakes in these parts. Did Alan move it Far-Far away from the barnyard?

I hope he was relocated.....maybe from his world! I would think they are bad for the chickens, ducks and everything else.

Ok, maybe life on the farm ISN'T for me!! Eeeek!

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