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Amazing photos, they remind me of watching the Discovery Channel (or in the old days "Wild Kingdom"). I am amazed you caught the creature at the right time on film. We don't have them where I live but I have been places and heard them and they are loud. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent and the time it takes you to blog it for the rest of us.

Amazing photos!!! Growing up in Louisiana I used to pull the shells from the pine trees and attach them to my clothes and would walk around with them literally all over me! Fun memories!!!

they're almost as bad as June bugs..HATE those things..very cool pics by the way..

What amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

EWWWWW ... I am much more partial to your farm critter photos than those of bugs! However, that is a great photo, Anna.

WOW - those pics are amazing! My younger son collected the "shells" in a canning jar for a few weeks last year. I kept threatening to dump them on people's heads when they didn't behave! hee hee

We won't start hearing the cicadas here in Michigan until August...approximately six weeks before our first frost. Their buzzing is somewhat sad because we know summer will soon end, and our summers are short enough as it is! Your photos of this emerging cicada are phenomenal, Anna.

P.S. they are not a true locust, which is a grasshopper relative.

Lovely photos! I'm so glad we have you so that my not-so-lovely photos can be ignored and yours shown to the kids. :)
These have been called many names, among them Dog Day Harvest Flies.
As larvae, they suck on tree roots. Then, when it is time for their last molt, up they come for Anna to take their photo! :)
My pug looks like them. Really.

I always heard them called Locust--and around here they seem to come out of their shells at night--I've seen alot of them emerge and its a cool thing to watch and your pics are great of this one :)

Oh My Stars those photo's are AMAZING!
Wow, I'm not really creeped out by bugs (other then spiders) and I found these photo's to be quite fascinating. Thank you Alan for getting Anna to take these awesome pictures and thank you Anna for sharing them.

Can't believe you caught that on camera...
I too hate there sounds. So shrill! Sounds like the wires are buzzing. We have seen empty shells on the trees before here in MN...

I have to admit, I grew up in Eastern New Mexico and we also had TONS of cicadas. I hate them! They used to dive bomb to me and get tangled up in my hair - freaked me out! Just the photo . . . my palms are sweaty. LOL

BUT I must admit that with all the opportunity, I've never seen one coming out of it's shell and I'm thankful for your great photography skills.


A*W*E*S*O*M*E* pictures!!! I have seen MANY shells, but never the process. How cool! Thank you for sharing. I love the sound they make, it reminds me of home in east TN, and childhood. That always makes me smile! I used to get the shells and silently attach them to my brother, or my Mom; then watch them discover them a screech! LOL Those are great memories! hehe :D

It is a little early for cicadas here. I am not a fan! They seem a little creepy and a so noisy. Great photos,though...hugs...

I've never seen this happening so i am very grateful for the photos. I did see the shell of one yesterday. I really like to look at fireflies. I need to learn what to do to attract them to my yard. So fun for grandkids I bet.

What an incredible stroke of luck to have captured the emergence of a brand new cicada. Its rare to see its wings still in their folded state like that. Great find Alan! and marvelous photo Anna!

I love fireflies - it's the only bug I'll pick up (gently) here and put outside if one gets trapped inside. Cicadas are the goofiest looking creatures. Sometimes they are nearly deafening, here, late in the summer. Haven't heard them yet.

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