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Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary Anna! But did you HAVE to make me relive the wolf spider? My skin is crawling all over again.


Congratulations! You are definitely one of my favorites, love, love, love the photos and stories from the farm. Came here first for the crafting but thanks to you I am a big fan of miniature donkeys and my husband thinks I've lost it! LOL!
Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on your four year Blogging Anniversary Anna! I love coming here and catching up on what is going on in "Anna's World"! Thank you so much for all of the crafty inspiration and I've loved learning about life on a farm! I'm looking forward to the next year and many more after that! Hugs! :D

Congratulations on four years and we enjoy your variety and down home pictures. Love your cute cards too.

Oh my, has it REALLY been THAT long? I actually remember your rabid wolf spider post! YUCK! I love the mix of crafting and farm life on your blog. Keep up the great work AND fun! :D

Congrats on four years of blogging - WOW! It's always a treat to visit - keep up the awesome work!!

congratulations on 4 wonderful years!!! several years back you had sent me a few cards. I still treasure them as they are some of my 'Sweet Miss Daisy' cards!! :) they go waaaaaaaaaaay back from before you even moved to Texas. wow, how time does fly.

many of those posts you have listed stand out in my mind. I might not always comment, but I do stop by to read. best wishes to you and Alan and of course the critters! :D

Happy Blog Anniversary, Anna! Time flies when you're having fun. I hope you'll continue blogging 'four' years to come ;)

Happy Belated Blogaversary, Anna. You always bring me a smile, whether it's from a farm-related post or one of your creations. You go girl!

Congrats on your achievements. I am such a happy subscriber (under a different e-mail) and love the mix you share. Having been raised on a farm and returning here after 40 years I feel we share the love the farm. I admire your dedication to the blog, talents you share in the art world, your amazing photos and your sense of humor.

Your blog rocks! I'm so glad to be able to see your crafty stuff and the farm stuff! I love your farm. My grandparents had a farm and it was a wonderful place to be when I was growing up. And you have cows too! Adorable ones too! I've bought a couple of your prints and I love them. Been looking for more maybe ;) Congratulations on your 4 years. I've loved them!

congrats on FOUR years! i look forward to ALL of your posts - from the crafty to the crittery! thanks for sharing your life w/ all of us

Gee whiz, you are such a class act I feel like a doofus for not commenting more! I'm definitely in -- but I do have a farming question (being from the city and all) what the heck do you guys sell? How do you buy food for all these critters (btw dd just graduated from college and is a vegetarian and LOVES your farm pix! It has been an excellent way to help our relationship transition from "just" mom and daughter to friends!

Congrats Anna! I am here or the long haul if you are!!!
I came for the cards, but I have stayed because of everything else too!!! I have learned more about chickens in the last 4 years, than any city slicker needs to know!!!!

Don't you dare stop blogging! I have started my mornings with you for 4 years, I plan to continue. Go on. Make my day! : )

Happy Anniversary! I enjoy your cards, projects and of course the animals and chickens. tfs

Congrats on 4 fabulous years. I came here when someone posted a link to a funny picture (critters no doubt) and I can't stop!! I never understood that chickens actually have personalities and that cows come that small; I just keep learning more and more. Your photography is great and I so love watching the little chicks and so do my kids so keep making awsome videos pretty please. I am constantly telling my hubby about your critters antics! Thanks for the great posts and keep em comin' !!

4 years of wonderful cards, photography, humor and delight, what's not to love. I check here first thing every morning(not in the weird stalker kind of way, lol)to see whats happening on the farm. Your blog is the best!

Congratulations, Anna! I love both your stamping/crafting articles as well as your farm articles.

Congratulations on four years. That's fantastic! I enjoy reading your posts whether they be about stamping or farm life. I enjoy your beautiful photography, too. Keep up the great work and inspiration for us.

I'm in.
Happy Anniversary...... I think of you as a fellow NW person who is transplanted into a hot environment.
Looking forward to more creativity, and farm posts......

Oh, I'm with you, girlfriend. Game on! :o) Happy anniversary.

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BLOG*A*VERSARY! That is just awesome. I think I have been with you from the beginning! I don't know how I found you, but I'm certainly glad I did. I smile every time I come to your blog! There is always something wonderful to see. I'm so glad I have this cyber friendship with you and Alan and the critters! I feel like we are kin somehow...at least by our love of nature and animals!
I look forward to many more years of your blog! I'll never live without it! :-)

Happy Anniversary Anna!!! I should be congratulating myself for finding your blog - as you bring me SO much joy!!! Truly!

I remember most of these posts, even though some of them I saw in "retrospect". I love the crafty stuff, but I think I love the farm even more! Well, I love them both and the excellent photography that you bring to us makes it all so nice to enjoy!

ps - I think you should have named that kitty "mine"! I {{heart}} him!

Thank YOU for the time and effort you put into this wonderful blog. It is one that I MUST check everyday. I love the crafts but love the farm updates maybe even more. I envy you with all the animals that you are blessed with caring for. They are so lucky...and so are we. Crystal N

Am I up for it! ABSOLUTELY! I so enjoy "walking around the farm" and seeing your funny animals (which says a LOT because I am so not a farm person! lol) even though it's your creations and what you do with them that truly draws me here each week. Happy Anniversary!

I could have lived without rereading the "not for the squeamish" post!! Gives me the willies just to think about it!

I love your farm updates, and the crafty stuff. You have a great style of writing. Reading your blog is like hearing from a friend.

Thank you to both you and Alan for sharing your lives with us.

A great big congrats on your 4 years. I've enjoyed all of the entries I have read, which I think is most of them. Love your farm life, crafts (all including your fun stamps) & beautiful pictures. I try to read your blog most days & it never fails to bring a smile! Hugs to you & Alan & all the critters.

Congrats on 4 years. I LOVE your blog and read every post - even though I may not leave a comment. Whatever you make is wonderful (my sis loves the wallet you made her) and I really feel almost like I know for real. Thanks for sharing your talent and your life with us. Hugs!!! And of course I'm ready for another year!

congratulations!!!! On 4 years....wowzers that's a long time. Thank you for the continued inspiration that I find on your blog daily. Many blessings for years to come!

Happy Blogaversary Anna! Yes...more please! More of your inspiring artwork & more of your adorable farm pictures & videos!!
I can only imagine how peaceful it must be to be surrounded by such amazing creatures..you share a little of that with us & I am truly grateful!
Take care,

You are the 1st blog I check each day and agian and again during the day. I don't want to miss a thing. Love You. PLEASE keep them coming. Hugs.....
p.s. today is my Mother's 84th birthday. I'd say June 10th is a good day. :)

Oh yes more chickens, more stamps, more stories, pleeeease! Your blog is one of my very favorites, Anna! Thanks so much for sharing your life with all of us!

Definitely! You make my days brighter with your fun posts, fabulous crafts and stamping, and gorgeous photographs! Thank you!

Congrats Anna!! I've been reading since day one & will continue for forever & ever!!! I looooooooove reading about farm life!!!!

I don't always click through from Google Reader, but I always read your posts ever since I found your blog through a thread on SCS - it was one to do with full and partila feeds... I have shown many of the farm posts to my husband. He thought MotherMark was making things up with her Frizzle hen one week till I showed him yours :D.
Happy Blog Birthday

Now really - your four successful years of blogging comes as no surprise to me considering the content quality and inspiration on your blog. I send heartfelt congratulations! Keep up the wonderful work.

Congratulations Anna!!!!!
Your departure from Oregon left a huge gap in my circle of friends. I can't tell you how thrilled I have been to keep up with you through your blog!! I love your mixture of crafty and farm.
Big hugs to you, Alan, and the critters!

Anna, you're one of my favorites! My sister ordered me a zippy for a birthday gift and I love my Anna creation.

I enjoy all of your posts...even though I'm scared of goats!

Keep on blogging! I look forward to keep on reading!

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