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She's a cutie!!

Ha! Wrangling cattle has changed a bit since the settlers hasn't it.

Glad the longhorn got home ok. I once had to "take a cow home" it came up on our porch one late evening, talk about surprised, lol I called the neighbor and he said" oh , just walk it down the lane" I had no leash, no rope, just a bunch of basket reed I had been staining in a bucket.

Aw shucks, you put an end to her Sunday stroll through the neighborhood! hehe She really IS beautiful...but not a wanted visitor to your precious Dexters! Now, a Longhorn bull in with your little beauties would be alarming indeed...YIKES! That must have been VERY scary. All I can think of is "broken backs"!!!
Your Dad is so cute...I just love him! Are you all going to get to visit anytime this summer??? It would be nice if you got to go to Oregon and COOL OFF a bit!!!
Have a GREAT week! :D

Wow, I had no idea longhorn heifers were so beautiful! Such a delicate face! Now I want a cow! Thanks for your comment on my blog tonight - it's good to get back to writing! Now I just have to find more time for reading!

That almost never happens here in the west suburbs of Chicago.

I do have to say, though, that she's awfully pretty... that camel color with those big brown eyes. What a beautiful face!

I love your commentary, it made me laugh! Thanks for sharing this ... I love seeing things that happen in the country ... so interesting!

I'm thinking if said neighbors improved their fencing, perhaps they wouldn't have to be so good at herding their cows with their Ford. :-) We once "herded" escaping chickens on foot. That didn't go nearly as well. I think we needed practice, and the neighbor's dog racing around barking livened things up considerably.

Great pictures. Your Dad's comments are hilarious!!

Oh I forgot, one more thing, is that heffer pregnant? I hooked up the new wide screen monitor I got for Fathers Day (thank you very much) and she looks a little "rotund" but the new monitor makes everything bigger. Just wondering..........Love, Dad...good thing I wasn't looking at a picture of one of my daughters! Har Har

WOW, I'm impressed with the color of the grass along the road! The color of the pasture grasses,yours too since it's just across the road, it mite be better for the animals to just let them eat along the road for a while and give the drab looking pastures a needed break...... or not. Yuk Yuk I know there is a joke in here somewhere.......Love, Dad

LOL!!!! Oh this brings back memories of growing up on the farm. I too have herded cows with a Ford!

I bet the little brown heifer was not saying "Hello Neighbor ... sorry for pooping on your lawn" but rather ... "geez thanks neighbor, for snitching on me and bringing my fun to an abrupt end!"

Good Morning. Ahhhh country living. :) I am a bit envious you know. I would so rather a Long Horn heifer wandering about my yard than the local tavern patrons. *sigh* have a sunny Sunday, hugs...

I always enjoy a good poopie story. Can't believe the little heifer was herded home by a Ford. Good one!

She is a pretty girl...just out for a little stroll and neighborly visit. You never have a day of bordom. Your stories are wonderful and the conversation and photos are priceless. Thank you so much for sharing!

She is soooooooooooo beautiful! I just love Longhorns. She can escape to my yard if she wants to. :)
I have escapees. The darn cecropia caterpillars that are hatching are sooooooo tiny that they walk right through the butterfly house mesh and wander off. I'm going to see if putting them in the plastic bug house works better.
My friend Kim reminds me of you. The other day she got a shipment of soldier maggots for her compost pile.

Okay, now that's just hysterical. I just love your animals running amuck stories. Thanks for the giggle.

I love it. Your commentary PRICELESS

I laughed and laughed. Your photos and "conversation" are priceless! I still can't stop chuckling. "...accident...hahaha"

Seems kind of comical unless you have seen a car after it has hit one of the escape artists. I'm glad that no one man or beast was hurt.

That's awesome! Thanks for the laugh.

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