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That Alan knows how to make your day, for sure! These photos are AMAZING! Is morning light as good as evening light?

The photos os the fields of sunflowers as far as you can see are simply magical!

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the sunflowers and nature! It reminds me to take pleasure in the simple things God made. And those sunflowers are amazing!

My favorites. Reminds me of France..... I just love the beauty.

AMAZING! I'd like better adjectives to use....you know, more descriptive and complimentary and such. First, though, I have to shut my mouth since my chin is hanging wide open and down to my chest. Your photography is wonderful and I just can't get enough of it. And this sunflower field of sunflowers is AMAZING!

How absolutely beautiful....sunflowers as far as the eye can see. TFS Anna...your pic's are amazing!

Karen x

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time with life's simply pleasures.......We're thinking Allen got "lucky" that night! :)

How wonderful - so pretty & fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics. My kind of "date." Hugs.

Wow! Reminds me of going to a Tulip Festival in Washington! "Sunflower fields forever!" Awesome photos! :)

beautiful photos. here in minnesota the sunflowers are no where near ready to bloom. that will not happen until sometime in late August.

Amazing photos, Anna! Thank you for sharing. This brings back wonderful memories of my only trip to France in 1997. It was July, and how fortunate for me that the lavender and sunflowers were in bloom in Provence. Field after field of both of them, mile after mile. What a thrill. Here's a little sunflower poem I will share with you:



I see you there in glory shining bright,
following the sun and its path of light.
Standing tall above all others in the field,
you grow, conquer, and do not yield.

The little birds take great delight
in playing round you, from day to night.
With petals of yellow and leaves of green, how very easily you are seen.


I really must find a spot in my garden for a some sunflowers. I do have a couple of lavender plants.


What a great find! I'm so glad Alan discovered that field of flowers for you! Your photos are PRICELESS! Just awesomeness, as always. I have seen sunflower fields here in NE, and also in KS. They ARE gorgeous! They always take my breath away, and I often stop and stare...just too pretty!
Thanks for sharing your photos. They are AMAZING! :D

I am just here to wipe up Leigh's drool! I know she was drooling after seeing your beautiful pics Anna!!

Gorgeous! Ans soooooo jealous!
Love the pics!

You are amazing. Your eye for beauty in nature never ceases to amaze! Look at all the detail and magic your camera lens has caputured. TFS< Hugs...

gorgeous - thanks for sharing! :0) apparently you don't have stinkin squirrels in TX -- I planted two sunflowers and the squirrels have already found them :0(

Very cool! I love the first close-up of all the seeds. Nature is certainly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures with all of us :)

I am dizzy from the time warp! Sunflowers won't be blooming here for a while! The photos are GORGEOUS! But, where are the bugs?

Well THIS is just a little slice of heaven, ain't it! WOW...I just love it. And the closups, Anna, soooo pretty and clear. Thank you for sharing "date night" with all of us!

Really beautiful pictures! Thank you!

Oh my gosh your photos are AWESOME. The only other time I saw something like that was in Holland during the tulip festival, tulips as far as the eye could see. You must have had a blast in that field. I do love the close ups where you can see the patterns. Nature is beautiful and you capture it for the rest of us to see, thanks for a lovely little Sunday morning cup of coffee.

Sunflowers are my FAVORITE flower......they just make you smile and go "awwwww"!!! I saw a field like this on a motorcycle trip in Colorado...just amazing, as far as you could see!!

I've never seen a field of sunflowers. The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

What a sweetie-pie, your Alan must be ... a "date" to a beautiful sunflower field! It's these simple, thoughtful things that our loved ones do for us that will leave us with such wonderful memories. Of course, you have fabulous photos to remind you, too!


is there anything you cannot do? your photography is fabulous.... each day if you have a new post I can't wait to see and enjoy whatever you have for us that day.....

Oh, Anna. What a dream date. That field is amazing. Love your shots!

Wow, Wow is what i say. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Love visiting your blog to see all the animals and plants you take pictures of.


Anna, your photos are fantastic. I, too, love Sunflowers. My neighbor across the street will plant them every couple of years. I love seeing the happy faces follow the sun in its trek across the sky. Thanks so much for sharing.

On another note, check out the visitor I had at the bottom of this post
Now that is a bug!

Now That's a field of sunflowers!! love the photos!

I really love your pictures! So pretty! I just got some sunflowers for my birthday from my husband. :D

Your pictures are just amazing. I am also in love with sunflowers for their mathematical powers! Google sunflowers and Fibonacci sequence and you will discover a whole world of math.

My DD loves sunflowers, too. I'm linking her to you blog because I know she will just die over these excellent photos of her favorite flower! I agree, you have the "best dates" - that's a sure sign that he knows you and loves you. It makes me happy to know that.


Wow! I can only imagine how beautiful something like looks! Breathtaking!

Absolutely glorious! I can just see you thrilled to traipse through the field's edge to capture these exquisite beauties with your lens(es). I can also picture your Alan leaning against the truck with a sprig of wheat between his teeth, arms folded a la Clint Eastwood, reveling in watching his favorite freckled girl skip with joy as she danced like a bee around the sunflowers with camera in hand. That field of sunflowers was a mighty nice gift. Alan, you're a good egg.

OMG!! How beautiful! I'm a huge fan of sunflowers!! These are the most amazing pictures! Hang on to Allen, he is definitely a KEEPER!!

Thank you thank you thank you for todays post. I too LOVE sunflowers, even have a tattoo of one. This is the most beautiful post AnnA. Just lovely.

May I ask what type of camera you use? you photos are always stunning.

How many seeds does one Sunflower produce? Is that a trick question? I'll take a 500# bag............... Love, Dad

now wouldn't it be GREAT if they had a "pick your own' like they do with fruit???
Stunning photos..and that hubby of yours is a keeper!!!

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