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I think the fourth is right by the mom. If you were out walking around and came across these pigs, would you be in danger of getting charged? Are there lots of wild pigs in Texas, or is this a rare sight?

Oh my, good thing you dad's not around Anna! Or. . . I think you would be setting up for a big ole' pig roast!

My comment did not sound very nice. I love your blog and would probably have taken pictures of the hogs, too. Wild hogs and fire ants are a big problem in our county so I spoke to quickly. They are something to see through. A sow will have as many as 15 baby pigs so we feel we are fighting a losing battle. Keep up the good work.

Wild hog a a nightmare. They dig up the hay meadows and make them so rough you can't hardly stay on the tractor. I know little pigs are cute but wild hog a terrible.

I hope that they are not planning a visit to your house. The wild pigs are tearing up our fences at the farm! I do love watching pigs though!

Now that's one thing we don't have here in SE NE! And I'm glad! I can just see them digging up my flowers in the yard! ha
That is very interesting though~~I never did see those when we lived in TX. Saw lots of armadillos, though; those things are really cool looking! We used to have to wait for them to cross the road! LOL :D
Hope you had some fun today~~you both deserve a bit of rest and relaxation! :D

I see four! One is snuggled up close to the Mama. How fun Anna - thanks for sharing!

LOL! We had SO much trouble bringing in pigs from Texas, it wasn't even funny. The state were terrified that we were bringing in feral pigs! We had to show them all the registration papers to prove to them that the pigs we were buying were registered.

They can be cute... but they also can be VERY destructive! They really do a lot of damage to our hay pasture... But the babies are cute just don't let Hubby hear me say that... LOL

Gorgeous pigs! I just posted on my blog about the wild pigs on our land too. (We have 2 pet ones too.) http://elowezil.blogspot.com
What a co-incidence. Love your farmlife stories and of course your art and crafts and photography too. I get my daily 'fix' here! TFS

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