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Yikes! Were you wringing your hands with concern? Glad it went away, and you got some rain instead of a tornado!

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Whoa is right! Great photos though Anna. That day here at good old Red Dog Ranch we woke up to a dusting of snow on the Coburg Hills. What season is this????

Pretty scary stuff! I HATE tornado warnings! I am always the first one to the basement. LOL Then I remember the kids - just kidding! I only have one still at home and she will be right down those stairs with me! Glad the funnel cloud dissipated. You were so lucky. Glad you got the chickens and goats all locked up in time, too. Whew-

WOW! Great photos! Happy to see that all are safe and sound after the storm.

Whoah! For a minute there I thought I'd landed at Storm Chasers R Us. Glad you battened down all the hatches and that ya'll cmae through unscathed. You had me worried there for a moment or three. Don't let it happen again.

Way too close for comfort..... thank goodness those one cloudy didn't make a tornado.... So glad you and all your critters are safe and sound...

Oh my gosh Anna, those photo's are amazing and (a bit scary) We've had weird weather here lately but nothing like that. Glad you are all safe.

Good ol' Texas weather. It's amazing how quickly it can change. We had a HUGE storm roll through Monday. When we left the house it was gorgeous outside and by the time we got to the restaurant for dinner (10 min away), it was crazy dark, extremely windy and the smell of rain was in the air. By the time we sat down, the rain had started and the lights blew out. They came back on after about 10 minutes and we enjoyed our meal. On the way home we witnessed an amazing lightning show.

WOW...thanks for sharing...glad it didn't come closer. What town/state do you live it?

Wow, some very exciting photos. Glad the worst of the storm missed you (although I'm sure you'd welcome a little rain). Here in Michigan the scary sight is the greenish yeelow sky that comes before a tornado. Head for the basement!

I would be shaking too bad to take pictures, Anna! Yipes! Living in Eastern PA, it has gotten more common to be under warning, the past few years. I have had straight line winds shear the tops off a row of 65 foot pine trees, house was hit by lightning, and one Memorial Day, we had hail the size of softballs. Sorry but you can keep the tornados! Glad you are safe.

Thank God!

Oh so scary! I don't think I could ever live somewhere that has the frequent possibility of tornados...must be scarred for life from the Wizard of Oz! I am so glad everyone is OK! And you are a brave girl to be out taking pictures...I woulda been in the cellar at "Tornado watch"!

WOW, storms can be so strong and pass quickly. Thank goodness all is well on the farm. Last summer while visiting friends in CO we watch a tornado form over the front yard, move towards the back acres and touch down not 1or2 miles to the east.Did we take cover? NO, we stood around and took photos!!! Mother Nature is Amazing. Have a fantastic Friday. Hugs...

Amazing pictures, Anna! Wow, how scary to see it coming at you like that. I'm glad that you didnt get a tornado. And you are a good person to think of your animals like that - lol @ the goats not liking being wet. Too cute.

Pack up the stock trailer and get the H--- outa Dodge! Love for real! Dad

Lovely sunset.. I would had been shaking in my gumboots!! EEk

Wow! Sure am glad you didn't get a tornado. The pictures are fantastic. Mother Nature has a lot of power! :D I'm sure the goats are glad you put them in a dry place! You are a wonderful Momma. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Wow! Those are amazing pictures. I'm glad all is well.

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