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Very cute picture of your Mom and Aunt. Loved your goat video, boy does Betty love you. I love seeing all your videos, thanks for the taste of farm life.

awwww! cuteness!!!

The sounds of the rooster in the background had me missing my childhood home where we had chickens.

This just makes me long for when we had our meat goats. Such personality and always could put cheer into the craziest of days. The babies were little acrobats and escape artists all at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing.

Love all your farm animal photos. So adorable.

loved it!

They are both sooooo cute, esp. when their little tails are wagging :0) Do you think I could have on in the City? Haa

Loved the video! So did my cat. She was particularly fond of the rooster.

Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad Betty's okay.

great video. I think Betty just likes a bit of attention. Got a laugh at your gorgeous rooster, his crow is funny at the end.

Betty always cracks me up. Thanks for sharing these little snippets of farm life!

They are so cute...Callio-Pea is adorable! And Boxcar Betty is TOO funny! I love the rooster...his crow cracks me up! The ending is just so tragic... LOL :D
Thanks for the great video. I just love seeing your babies!

Betty's such a booger, but I love her, she's so funny! I can't help but like a girl who knows what she wants. Tee hee.

Anna, is that a trick question?? It's pretty obvious that Betty is the bad goat and Calliope is a darling! Love your Rooster - when I get my chickens I have to be careful though - I'm not allowed to have a Rooster.


Wow ... what an absolutely gorgeous rooster! And all the while, I was thinking "how cute ... Betty is so happy to see you." In reality, she was just waiting for her treat! Your snippets of life on your farm are so appreciated...thanks.

awww...that was so cute of the goats...and a beautiful rooster..wozer!!! he meant business!!!

Fantastic video! Caliope (sorry, not sure how to spell) seems so docile and so gentle. Boxcar Betty, well, she seems like a bundle of energy! Thanks for sharing - I love seeing your "farm" videos!

They're so cute! I love them! and what a handsome rooster!

Well we know the good Goat is Caliopea (sp?) Bettys wants ALL the attention. LOL. Is the rooster Admiral? My he is handsome. Hugs...

What a hoot! She is so hyper and LOVES to be loved! Cute little pestiferous Betty! That rooster is beyond beautiful. Wow!

I don't know about bad, but it is easy to tell who loves the camera and attention from you :).

Pure preciousness!

awww- now I want goats in my backyard! :)

hehehehe I was watching the video and the pups went nuts when they heard the rooster crow. They've been running around barking looking for whatever or who ever is making the noise! Thanks for my morning giggle!

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