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Oh Anna, those are such adorable chickies! And Mama is doing such a great job with them. I think Admiral is the most beautiful rooster I've ever seen. Do you agree?

Yay! Lots and lots of little chicks!

those guys are so cute!

Way to go John's Chicken and Admiral!!!! What a beautiful bunch of baby chick's you have.

Rooster is just stunning..you should frame it...or...send it to me...just kidding!!! you have such great pics of all the farm life..I just LOVE them all...

Hi Anna! I miss the pics...need to catch up! Those babies are so cute! Of course Box Car Betty and the Admiral are quite the lookers themselves!

When the roosters grow up they become baked, fried, barbque,gifts, alarm clocks,stew base,and fly tying material. I love those light ginger neck hackles! As usual, perfect photo framing too! Love, Dad PS the chicks live off the remains of the egg yoke for a day or so if they are free range birds until they get up to speed on bugs and seeds. ( Anna spoils them I'd bet a C note )

I too love looking at your beautiful farm photos. Those babies are so stinking cute. My goodness, what do you do when all the chicks grow up? That Betty sure seems like a character! Thanks for sharing your beautiful critters with us.

So very cute! That rooster pic is beautiful!!! And of course the chickens need holiday decor! seems natural to me!

Thanks for sharing such adorable pictures! They are priceless.

Wow, I almost missed the chick hiding in the hay in the first photo! That would be a good one for Country Magazine! :)))

Love it ...thanks for sharing

All your pictures are beautiful, but the one of Admiral the rooster is breathtaking. The colors are so beautiful.


When I was very young (I am 71 now) my mom always had a hen with baby chicks. She said I loved those little chicks and she would let me hold one but if she heard me say 'eehh' she knew to get that chick from me or I would put the love squeeze on it.

Oh, look at those sweet little things! Adorable!

Hahaha, that pic of BBBetty cracked me up! She is TOO comical! What a character she is...
The little chicks are PRECIOUS! Wow, that's quite a lot of eggs for Momma hen to be sitting on! How awesome! Nine would be a great total, and even 8 is great...they are so cute. And what a nice addition to the hen/rooster population!
Admiral looks so regal...he's VERY handsome! And what a great picture of him. You are a fantastic photographer! I wish I knew how to take good pictures...I just have never studied about it. I should put that on my "bucket list"! :D
Have a great week...and thanks for the smiles. Your blog is a true DELIGHT!!!

Beautiful photos! I love the photo of Admiral. --and I love the name "John's Chicken".

Oh, Thank You Anna!!! I just love your photography and perhaps the chickens the best! I would have never guessed 9 babies. I was only up to 6. John's Chicken sure does hide them well! LOL

I love that you decorate the goat pen!

What a fun way to start my Monday! Love the baby chicks,funny Boxcar Betty and Handsome Admiral. Life is good on the farm. Big Hugs...

OMG...can't wait to see the pics of her and her little ones around the yard!!! What a good little mummy.
What do the babies eat while they wait for their siblings to hatch???

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