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Yes indeed. Very dramatic and African savannah-ish.

Holy Moly that really DOES look like an African horizon. Fabulous photos!

Whoa - I'll pass on those clouds with "tails" Glad all ended well :)

Just make believe that it's the Serengetti while you throw a few things into the stock trailer on the way out of the area! Best wishes, Dad

Absolutely amazing - makes me homesick for Texas. Thanks for sharing.

wow!! What a lovely sunset!!very nice photo..Hmm so relaxing!!

wow!! What a lovely sunset!!very nice photo..Hmm so relaxing!!

I agree..it does look like Africa...
u could Photoshop your animals in there and we'd be all set...lol...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. And way to go, John's chicken!!!

Absolutely stunning! Thank you very much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

Sunsets and sunrises are two of my favorite things! We get some pretty, colorful ones here in NE. Thanks for sharing these magnificent photos!!! :D

Beautiful pictures.

Beautiful, love the cloud formations in the first photo. I love doing sunrise and sunset photos. tfs

It is a small world! Last night my husband and I where out at sunset and I also took photos of the sunset. I have not looked at them yet. Hope mine turn out as nice. Hugs....

Beautiful! I have a friend who has just published a book about her life in Africa and this reminds me of the cover photo she chose.

you have a God given gift with a camera!!!!

WOW!!!! Amazing!!! Love that second one especially.

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