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Love the photos and that duck is too darn cute!

your tomato plants look awesome!!! course you're down there..and we're up here..not even started w/the planting yet, have to wait till @ least memorial day..or so I've been told for Mich...
duck is sooo funny w/that lid around his neck..glad nobody was hurt!!
love your plants in the bushel baskets, I may have to get me some baskets, they look pretty cool....

Hahahaha, oh that duck is poking her head where it doesn't belong! LOL That is hilarious. What great pictures! I don't have any veggies out yet; it's still in the 30s and 40s at night here. :( I'll have a few tomato plants out soon, though! I'm even behind on my flower pottings, it just hasn't happened with the new puppy and all. I'm glad you have some things out; it will be so yummy this summer!!! :D Good for YOU!

quite the wig on that duck!

She just wanted a necklace to go with her hat, glad she didn't get caught on something before you found her. great pics!

It looks hot and sunny (and beautiful) there already. Love all your planters, and that duck is a hoot!

'love your new hat - you wear it so well. The duck's haute coiffure is particularly stylish but its plastic lid accessory is quite the rage.

I can't believe how big the duck is already!!!!
OK..fess up...you went to the feed store...what did you buy with two legs???

Oh Anna, I so love coming to visit the farm :) Have you named those new ducks yet. After all everyone on the farm needs a name! LOL. We also spent to weekend working the gardens. I feel better knowing I am not the only one thaqt gets surprises when flowers come up, as in, I do not remember what I planted there. LOL Big Hugs, HAve a wonderful week.

Thank you again for sharing part of your life with me.... Everything looks beautiful and green....

loved the photos, especially the duck with my exclusive hairdo. they are all great pictures. tfs. MaryAnn

Hi Anna - love your pictures. You are an amazing person, is there anything you cant or dont do? You inspire me! I LOVE the picture of the duck - what a cutie!

I have your blog listed in my favorites and try to visit each morning as I am an early riser and visit to remain quiet while my husband sleeps. I just love all your pictures of farm life. It makes me want to get outside and grow something! Actually we have a garden, but it just keeps raining here and we haven't been able to plant yet! Keep up the good work!

Bwahaha!! At first glance of the front pic, I thought ~ it looks like she's wearing a bib, or an apron! Glad to know she wasn't hurt. Love her hairdo, makes me smile!

Love those duckies!

Hi Anna! LOL it would be the one with the "hat"! She looks ridiculous with that "necklace"! Thanks for the giggle!

I am so impressed with your garden - it will be so yummy, I'm sure!

Take care!

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