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Hmmm, you must live somewhere south of me, as we're supposed to hit 100 this Saturday!! ACK! I guess not the day to work outside.

Popped over from the Grit blogs... congrats on being a new blogger for Grit. :)

I just spent last week in Ft. Worth and Abilelne. Glad I didn't wait till this week! Although we were in Dallas when there were tornado warnings. I am grateful for the man (or woman) who invented AC !

So ... this heat spell is all YOUR fault, Anna! Stop jinxing the weather! Post about the farm critters again ... that seems to get you in less trouble!

Bleeh! It's a hard life you lead in that hot land! I'm wilting just thinking about it.

Anna...I guess you could come to north Idaho, where we've had (almost) nothing but rain-rain-rain! And cold...I have mushrooms growing all over my lawn!! EEuuww..Jeanne

Don't feel the need to share that heat;D

Oh Lord....the only thing worse was the day my son got married last August in Cabo, Mexico...without doubt the sweaty-est wedding ever!! LOL We had a great time tho! I think it was about 104..

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