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Hi Anna,
Youo make me long so for our farm back but we are now 76 years old {almost, in 2 months for me} But I love the farm so much but if you have to slaughter any animals don't name them as we had a pet big pig I named him arnold as on Green Acres. I took one bite of pork chop and couldn't chew it up it got bigger and bigger so I never named another animal. I love the farm so much I loved my chickies too and little baby anything we raised they were so cute. I don't think chickens can swim though.
Keep sending stories about your farm puleeeeze. Thank you very kindly

I want you to "adopt" me - even though I'm older than you. Life on your farm looks so wonderful... (sigh) TFS

Get crackin on a harness setup, they could tow you into town for egg delivery! Get your fresh eggs right here! Get'em quick! It could be a gold mine, dog trot egg delivery. I've never seen a happy duck that did not have mud on its bill! It's singing Opera classics, happy ducks are so fun to watch........... Love, Dad

Wonderful photo's. Love that Duck in mid-quack shot! I gave up on AI after they eliminated Siobhan.

Those last 2 pics make me happy :)

I managed to put my duck comment on the pac man post! Doh...I'm so inept! ha

You live in paradise with all these fabulous friends! :)

You are too funny.
My Sister walks? 2 Great Pyrenees. Well, ok, they walk her. LOL.
Silly duck, looks like he was enjoying some mud. Hugs...

I am with you, Anna. There is nothing else you can call Idol last night except random! How do you bring out older famous groups that are loosing their edge and hitting bad notes, and expect the idols to sing with them stay in key?

great shot of the quack! all wonderful photos.

Morning Anna,
Check out the Gentle Leader leashes. They won't pull and will walk like well behaved show dogs, it is a great invention.
That kitten is adorable, I want to hug her.
American Idol was a bit strange last night. I think both Lee and Crystal will do well in the future.
Have a wonderful day!

The freeze-frame quack photo is my new favorite photo.

Love your random post! Does that duck really have speckles all over its face and brown on its beak, or has it been into something?

Looks like so much fun walking your dogs . . . NOT! I thought they were old. They're taking out of there like they're pups!

Adorable, soft kitty! I want her.

Looks like they need a little lesson from Ceasar! That will protect your chin, too *grin*

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