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Now all your swimmer girl needs are some chicks and ducks to head into the pool with her. Hope you have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and were able to relax and rejuvenate.

Soccer, soccer, and did I mention, soccer? Morgan has a 3 day college showcase tournament in a city up north about 1.5 hours away.....

Enjoy your much deserved relaxation time!

thanks so much for sharing your art, and I totally enjoy the picture of your farm animals. thanks again

Wishinig you a relaxing, stress-free long weekend :) You deserve it with everything you have on your plate.

Please give *Bad* Boxcar Betty a scratch and treat from me =)

Oh, nothing much - relax, strip some wallpaper, make a bunch of cards for relatives, relax, then make some to sell, cut my lawn, walk around the lake, read my book, relax, pull/spray weeds, fix a toilet, go to a couple cemeteries with my mom and aunt, watch a couple dvds, look for a job, relax.

I like your plans better :)

Here is wishing you a relaxing and very enjoyable weekend. hugs...

Plans...Freezing my butt of up in the mountains at my brother's cabin. Thank goodness he has a heater inside (it's rain, rain, and more rain here).
Thanks for sharing about your "real" job, I would have never guessed that. Great you get to work from home though.

Will you take a nap for me too? Baby has 8 more weeks of cooking time, but it still wakes me up really early. Enjoy your weekend - it sounds lovely! My niece is visiting from Germany (1st we've seen her in 4 years) so all of my family is coming into town tomorrow for a cookout and tons of visiting. I'm going to try my best to keep my feet from swelling in this heat :) My husband manages a group of home based employees - I love when he works from here.

Your weekend plans sound WONDERFUL! I hope you enjoy every minute of it. You deserve some great R&R and I'm sure it's welcomed!
Too bad it's going to be so hot :( I hope you and the chickens get that dip in the pool!!!
Have a GREAT time with Alan and the critters! :-)

I'm sure the "office girls" (Chainsaw, Johns Chicken, Nugget, etc.) LOVE your overalls!!

Sounds like a great weekend, Anna! Enjoy!!

How I wish I could wear overalls for my live Webcasts from home. But I cheat and only put on a shirt and coat when I'm front of the camera. My Alan and I are doing a little entertaining this weekend that includes BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, grilled endive, corn, assorted squashes, and whatever else we can find to throw on the Barbie. He's making orzo salad, couscous, and 3 pies: lemon chiffon with meringue, coconut cream, and strawberry. The word of the week is decadence.

Hope you get that rest and relaxation in this weekend. We are going to inlaws, so I am making preparations for the dog who goes to the other grandparents when we have days away, and a chicken sitter who will come and check on the crew, and get all the eggs to keep. We are celebrating Ds 17th birthday on Memorial Day. I think I'll make him deviled eggs, we have an extra 10 dozen eggs or so. lol
Be Safe and enjoy your r&r

Oh how do you focus on your job at home like that?! Like right now, I am supposed to be writing a speech report, and I am distracted by my favorite blogs, hee! I can just picture you all corporatey in your overalls...yes, I made up the word corporatey! Have a great weekend relaxing, Anna! Be sure to post pictures of the Pool Party at the Hen House!!!!

That tire around her middle is looking like the tire growing around my middle. *sigh* My plans are to try to relax and enjoy the extra time off but my thoughts are with a family member in the last stages of lung cancer. My long term plans are to lose the growing tire around my middle but somehow, I don't think that's going to start happening this weekend! LOL

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