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thanks for the mothers day pictures!

Oh Anna, that is so incredibly sweet and heartwarming. I love Nugget's mama noises. And did Baby crawl on her back that one time it was above her wing feathers? I didn't know that chickies hid under Mama even when their feathers have dried and fluffed, although it looks like a great, soft, and snuggly place! Baby is adorable peeking out under the front of her mom and pecking at food in front of her.

LOVE your videos. Keep 'em coming please!! Tamara

Your farm animals are so spoiled and loved. I didn't realize the chicks crawl up into their Mama's like that. I always though they stayed under. So cute!

I just love watching your chickens! Nugget is such a good Momma. She seems very patient with her baby and your camera. I think the baby looks like a little "Chicklet", kind of goes with Nugget. LOL

Love it love it love it!! Happy Mother's Day Nugget!!!

I just found your blog and the first day I spent more than an hour looking at your beautiful animals. Do you take care of them by yourself or do you have farmhands? We have 3 dogs and a cat. Used to have chickens but had to get rid of them as we are in city limits & not allowed. The eggs were so good and bright yellow yokes. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations!!!! What a little sweet heart!!

Happy Mother's Day Nugget.
Your baby is adorable. TFS Anna. We all love seeing the babies. Hugs...

Oh that is just the cutest video! Baby chicks are so sweet. Thanks to you -- and Nugget -- for sharing! Happy Mother's Day!

What a sweet video! Loved it! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for sharing the video for Mother's Day. You are so lucky to be around all those wonderful animals. May God Bless you and yours. Jeanie

Anna, what a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing it with us on Mothers Day! Are all mommy chickens as docile as Nugget? She seems so gentle (and so do you). These animals are so lucky to have you as their mom.

What a lovely Mother's Day video! Thank you so much for sharing Nugget and her new baby. Such a good momma she is. Does the new baby have a name?

I loved watching this. How amazing that such a newborn is so capable. Human newborns, not so much!!! Was wondering what that skinny green cord (?) is that shows up by the food dish towards the end of the video. I can see that it also is towards the back on the left coming out of the wall(?). Obviously I am not a farm person! Is that a nesting box she is in and that is how you keep it warm? Happy Mother's Day to you and Nugget.

Awwww, this was just so sweet. Nugget is a beautiful hen and she has an adorable chick. I loved listening to you talking gently to her while you introduced her chick to the world. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!

This is the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day! I was in awe watching how Nugget allows you to touch her and her new little baby chick. You and Nugget both share gentleness. And I love all of the barn noises in the background. Happy Mother's Day to you and all of the farm 'momma's"!

Anna, what a beautiful video for this special day. While I was watching this my two daughters texted to say they were on their way home from college for the day to see us. Your video put a smile on my face and my text put a smile on my heart!! What a special day for all. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.

Ahh,,what a perfect Mother's day gift. Nugget has the prettiest hen eyes I have ever seen and I think Nugette has her mum's eyes!! I love the person who called you the Chicken Whisperer

Oh my gosh, how much fun is that! I enjoy all the videos and photos. Nugget is such a good mom and she trusts you so much, you are quite the little chicken whisperer! Thanks for sharing the fun with us city folk.

Happy Mother's Day to Nugget!!!! Look at those cute little feet!

Oh, how SWEET is that baby??!! Thanks so much for the great video. Nugget seems so gentle, and her baby is adorable! How fun...perfect for Mother's Day weekend! :D

Nugget's newly hatched chick is just precious. A perfect little vignette for Mother's Day. Thanks so much for the well recorded video. Congratulations to you, Your Alan, and Nugget!

Oh so sweet Anna! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Happy Mother's Day to Nugget! Does that make you a grandma?

Thank you Anna - what a perfect Mother's Day gift for us ALL! LOVE the baby! Nugget is adorable, too!

Too cute. Happy Mother's Day!

Aw, what a cutie! God knew just what you needed this weekend to put some of the joy back into those stress-filled days!

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