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The secret to gardening in pots and baskets has got to be telephoto lenses, and small pots. Mom has some tiny little plastic animals that would make your zucchini look like the Goodyear Blimp! We still have ice floating in the stock tank in Washington, bummer......Love, Dad

Your garden looks great. I am envious, the squash vine borers havn't gotten your squash plants. They have already killed mine again for the 3rd year in a row despite all my effort to keep them from it. I have a small garden in my backyard in Houston but would love to have one on the farm like you!!! Love the all the animals and birds, so cute!!!

I like the idea of putting some of the garden plants in containers. We finally got a small garden started this year... yippee-kye-aye! A few tomato and pepper plants, radish, cukes, beans and corn. We'll see how it all does, and hopefully expand next year. I also want to put in a strawberry patch next year and hope to dig the plot later this fall.

Your plants look awesome!

Your pictures make me wish I had a garden this year. We just moved to a new (for us) home and haven't had time to plant a garden. Besides, the weather here in Seattle has been less than stellar for gardening. Send us some of that sun! PLEASE!

Please, keep showing pictures of your container garden. I have used pots with tomatoes without much success. I am interested in the cucumbers in the apple baskets.

Your photos are beautiful, love those tomatoes. Makes me want to try my hand at veggie growing! Thanks for sharing.

love your blog, i get to be close to cows, chickens and grow a garden and not get my hands dirty.
Your pictures set us so close to all the things im not newr in the city.. love your blog even with out cards which is why i even visited your blog the first time.

Oooh, I am so jealous! I'm trying veggie gardening this year, but I'm afraid the Vegas heat may do them in before we get a chance to harvest. I'm going to live vicariously through your photos.

Oh I bet those veggies are going to taste delicious! Our poor tomato plants look so sad but we've had some nice strawberries!
Our weather...not so nice (rain, rain & more rain)...Next week maybe 82!!!

Love the photos!! I'm planting my garden today - I think the snow is done for the season :)

What is a mind plant? Never heard of it.

Show Off ... LOL. You garden looks great. I took photos of out garden to brag about since it is EARLY this year and we have managed to stay ahead of the weeds! That is a miracle. I love the baskets and containers for some things like zucchini. (We have poor soil too.) Thanks for more great fun photos. Big Hugs& stay as cool as possible.

WOW Anna! Your garden is beautiful. I get all excited if the leaves in my garden stay green. : )

Everything is so green and advanced there! Our plants are small, in their growing phase, certainly nowhere near a harvest like yours.

You're making me ~drool~ seeing all the fresh veggies you have cultivating in your garden ---> YUM YUM

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