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Congrad. you will be great !!!. I have been getting the Grit since I was a little girl and I'm old.lololo Love your work ... hugs,Peggie in Las Vegas

What a cute photo! Love that old bike! Happy birthday to your mom . . . we're 6 days apart (May 8 for me). You have cool parents!

Oh dear, I'm way BEHIND! I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday! She is such a sweetheart, and I'm sure your Dad (another sweetheart) made it special for her. What a great set of parents you have! You are a blessed young lady! :D

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's to the point where I don't want to remember how old I am--or is it--I can't remember how old I am. Don't worry about DK's remarks. I think I still know where he hangs out. Desperate man........

Oh what a great photo! Love everything about it!

Happy Birthday!! love this photo because it reminds me of myself as a young child...I loved pedal pushers too and of course I rode a bicycle like that one too.

Anna.....you've got to see this!!! It is tooooo Funny!!!


Happy Birthday to Momma too!


A trip down memory lane! WOW, I had that bike and probably the outfit, too!
Have a wonderful Birthday Mrs. Wight. (We Love your lovely daughter.)

Happy Birthday Anna's Mom!!!! I had a bike like that but it had a basket in front! They are back in. Seen them here in Los Angeles!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight! That picture is so fun! Love your Aunt Judi's outfit...looks perfectly in style today!

That is one, big, honkin' bike! Hope your day is special and you have many, many, many more to come!

She looks so lovely because she doesn't have any front teeth! And she looks a lot like Mikey Sundin too. I do see the resemblance but the temperment is vastly different. somewhat like the difference between an Aligator and a Crocodile. Yuk Yuk Love, Dad.......... I already gave her a goose and a kiss. ( she is a big waterfowl fan!)

What a cute stamp set that would make, your mom in her striped shirt and bicycle. . . . or maybe a chicken on a bicycle. . . !

I LOVE the training wheels on the big bike - LOL!!

Happy Birthday Mama Wight!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight. May your day be lovely, and this year be filled with blessings!

Don't look now, Lori, but the birthday fairy just zapped antoher one on you. Happy Birthday! Anna, the resemblance between your mom and your Aunt Judy is uncanny. If they weren't a few years apart in age, I'd swear they were twins. What a beautiful photo!

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