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I love it that you got a photo of their little downy behinds! They are so tiny and cute!

Well Shoot, I was going to email you a few of the photos I took last night and can not find your email address. The new computer will not let me click *email me* on this blog and actually email! I am confused. If you could email me - so I have you address. Thanks.

Congrats Gramma Anna!!! ;)
All I can say is 11 babies??? Ouch!

Hi Anna,

I agree - it is amazing that they line up for their worm seeking lesson! :D
I also agree with MarilynY - your blog has a lot more than just art and cards . . . you always have a surprise! Quilts, bug bites (!) the night cam / raccoon, I {heart} the goats, but the chickens, well, I think it was Tiny Tim that captured me initially - I've never missed a week checking in on you since!

Thank you SO much and congratulations to John's Chicken for being such a great Mommie!


That picture is amazing, first that you caught them in a line, and 2, that they stayed long enough to snap a picture.I love it. I agree with your Dad that a fuzzy butt would make an adorable stamp.

I do better with a friend, too!

WOW! Way to go John's Chicken. What a great Momma. :D

Had no idea that chickens were so social ... tugged at my heart when you said that you took the second baby in the house so the other one would have a friend...only you and your hubby would think to do that!

John's Chicken is a good Momma. Look at those happy healthy chicks looking so attentive! Love you blogs. Hugs...

very polite of them to line up so nicely for a photo. :)))

I can see this and other pictures of the last few days as quilt blocks and the little "chic butts" would be an easy stamp to design to go with the next "farm friends" release. yup, I can see them around the quilt as a border... Pretty cool Love, Dad

I really don't know what I enjoy most about your blog......your card creations or the many farm photos. The cards because they continually inspire me and the farm photos because they bring back fun memories of my childhood. We lived in the country where we were basically self sustained....baked, veggie gardens and raised our own poultry, cows and pigs. As cute as all the babies were, we were forbidden to name any tho we played with them constantly. Never knew if it was Charlie in the stew or Oink in the pan. After searching for a missing friend in the morning, the story was either 'they ran away' or the dogs got them. I remember when I discovered where our meals were coming from and condemned my parents for animal cruelty and went on strike ....refusing to eat anymore meat. That lasted 2 days. And I never gave the animals human names again....just #1,2,3 or colors Black, White, Brown. Part of reality. Keep up your wonderful commentary.

Congratulations Anna on the new babies!

This picture is adorable, their little rear ends looks so cute lined up. Makes me look at the eggs in the carton in my fridge in a whole new light. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Yup, I do believe that you have a picture here that tells a story that will speak volumes with just two words "bug lesson" Print it for posterity. Love, Dad

AWESOME ELEVEN!!! That is amazing! What a great Mommy. She worked hard to keep them all warm enough to hatch, huh?! John's chicken is a wonderful hen!!!
I hope you have a fabulous week. It's going to finally warm up here; into the high 80s! That's quite a change from the 30s and 50s we've been having! I think I'm ready, but not for the electric bill. Hehe... Take care! :D

With a chick chick here...
and a chick chick there...
They're so darling! :)

such cute little fuzzy butts. ..

I love that picture..... and you have the happiest chickens I know.....

OMG...did you glue them in place to get them all lined up like that?
sooo adorable!!!
More videos coming I hope??? :-)
I think you need a farm blog...LOL

Amazing photo. I love seeing your updates about your animals. I really want some chickens but my husband won't let me :(

Absolutely adorable!!!

WOW, I love that photo! I want a copy of it how much? I have fallen in love with your farm and chickens every since I started reading your blog. It is just so amazing how they are all lined up listening to momma. I heart chickens!!

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