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I think the one with the fuzzy top should be Phyllis Diller and that the chocolate colored one should be named something like Truffle

Ducks fascinate me. I especially admire their bills. :) Yours are beauties.

Your duck photos just "quacked me up"! ... sorry, but I had to say that! All kidding aside, your ducks are just as stunning as all of the other creatures on your farm. They have a look in their eyes like they love to get into trouble.

The one w/the crown should be named "Queen"...
Fun photo's.
Gramma Dar

How about Taffy and Daffy for two of them. Then there is Stella, Bella, Della, Fella, Ophella, Quella, Stuella, Truella, Cruella, and Yella(obviously for the part yellow ducks). LOL I have been working all day in the yard so I am definitely getting punchy. :D Have a great rest of the weekend!

Love your ducky stories. And I love the names you pick for them. They all sound like characters in a book. Your photography is fabulous. I never miss a chance to look at your blog. Thanks for all the stories.

Thanks for that laugh of the day - the duck freaking out over a stick on her leg. Reminds me of my cats' antics with cardboard soup cups stuck on their heads. And they forget and do the same thing all over again the next time :)

I love the ducks all of them but love that first one. she is so pretty and I am partial to her because of her hip. I hope she continues to do well! Thanks for sharing :)

wonderful wonderful I don't blame them for loving the mud.... it is such a good facial after all..... LOL

I must know, do you create an album, take photos of each and put their name below each photo or do you truly remember the name of EVERY single animal you have at the farm? I am always amazed at how you can list their names off. Granted I know you see them daily and that they are your extended family per se but I have been meaning to ask you that now for quite some time. Regardless, I think it is remarkable that each one has a unique name and that you can write about their personalities too. Oh and how do you name them? What makes you think of the names?
I too can't believe how much the ducks have grown up. They are so cute and Buff is gorgeous!!!

Anna, Your ducklings certainly HAVE grown fast!! Amazing. I think it's really funny how they "play" in the mud! They are all beautiful - your photographs are just stunning - you do such nice work! I'm afraid most of the time I'm so excited about the subjects that I forget to tell you how much I love the quality of your work! Thank you for sharing your world with me (stuck here in the city/desert)!


Another Delightful bunch of Ducky photos. Ahhhh Mud !!! Guess you will have to keepp the garden hose handy in dry spells to keep the puddles wet :) Have a fun summer. And keep the great snap shots of life on the farm coming. Have a relaxing weekend, hugs...

Oh, by the way, you're not thinking about letting the ducks into the big swimming pool are you? That would be a disaster like the time Mom had the wild cat in the furnace ducts! Bad Ju Ju........Love, Dad

Once apon a time when I was much much much younger Grandfather gave me a farmers "leson" on sexing fowl. I was just to freaked out to remember much about ducks, however after the molt and they get their adult plumage your drakes should have a lovely curly cue tail. You gotta have the barn yard "bible" tho. That book is loaded with the answers......Love, Dad

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