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Wow, that's hard on the ones who lost their jobs and hard on the ones left trying to do even more. Thank goodness for weekends!

Anna, I am glad you still have a job. I also didn't know you had a job outside the farm/stamp/sew world. How do you do it all!?

I am sorry for your friends that lost their job....I dont get it when the "media" talking heads keep saying things are getting better? I keep hearing of companies RIFing people. KWIM?

I look forward to your blog posts! Not only your stamping projects, but updates on all your furry friends!


So glad you're OK - and yes, they eliminated some positions filled by some of the 'good ones.' The nice thing that I have seen through previous RIF's is people landing on their feet, but in more stable roles (less turmoil at the whim of a manager with questionable judgement!). I love Ida's comment - makes all that you do even more impressive, which most probably didn't think possible!!! - doing it all while also holding down a full-time+ 'real' job. Enjoy your weekend, I know I enjoy mine more and more lately knowing that there's a paying job waiting on Monday morning.

Gosh I had no clue you had a "job" other then working on the farm, and designing stamp sets. So what exactly do you do? Inquiring minds (or nosy ones) want to know.

I don't know what's worse. Being one of the many, many out in the world trying to find work in this economy or being left behind with mountains of work and not enough hands where morale surely suffers.

Hugs to you. Enjoy some time to yourself.

Anna: So sorry to hear your news. It's getting so bad out there right now & yes, I am thankful to have my job as many don't. Please enjoy your well deserved weekend.

Ugh, I hate it when they make one person do the job of many! My husband has that going on at the University. They pile more and more on him, but somehow the pay doesn't increase! Hmmm...not exactly kosher!
I'm glad you are still employed; but wish you had a shorter work week, and a lot less stress. I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!!! I know there's lots of farm work to do, but at least you get to love on the precious critters you have! Hugs to the ducklings!!! :D

Boy oh boy do I know how THAT song goes! Working in the aerospace field, I am no stranger to RIFs and constant re-orgs (re-organizations). The more things change, the more they stay the same. Big Hugs from VA.

Sorry work has been rough, I've missed your posts here. I think I need about a month's worth of weekends to catch up. Hope its a peaceful one.

I agree downsizing sucks. I lost my job after 30 years due to downsizing and moving most of the work to Mexico.

Anna somehow I never pictured you had another job except keeping us entertained and working on the farm.

Downsizing Stinks! It is always sad to see co-workers and friends unemployeed. Hope you are able to have a relaxing and crafty weekend. :) Hugs...

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