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Oh my gosh these photo's were wonderful and what a joy to read about your critters. Thanks for sharing.

always great photos! enjoy them so much!

Hilarious! Love your photos and explanations. Wiley is one of a kind, with stunning feathers!

OMG. That is laugh out loud funny! What a great photo montage! Your blog always makes my world a brighter place!

Absolutely awesome!

My day has started out so nicely. Thanks . I love the compliment you sent ;) And the wonderful photos and captians for Chainsaw and Wiley. (Goodness he is handsome) Tell Chainsaw I rooted for Ty, too! Happy Tuesday to you and all the critters. Love and Hugs...

Haha, love your Dad's comment! You are so lucky to have such an awesome Dad!!!
LOVE The photos, and the great commentary! Your chickens and roosters are beautiful...and quite the characters! You should write children's books about your fowl! Wouldn't that be neat??!!
Have a wonderful day. You have certainly improved mine! :D

Thank you for sharing...this city girl loves the pictures and comments about your farm animals!!!

Love your pictures and your commentary! Funny! Thanks for sharing all the great farm pictures you take. Great way to start my Tuesday morning (after a long weekend here in Canada).

Chainsaw certainly DID do a good job rearranging the woodchips (you cracked me up with that one, Anna!) And Wiley, what a dude! He is quite stunning and obviously loves to be photographed.

HOLY COW!!! Look at Wiley...he is stunning!!! He looks like he could be on Dancing With The Stars and doing the Paso!! What style!!

Oh my, their personalities sure come out in the photos, don't they?! Wiley is as dapper as Chainsaw is persistent!!

Sharli, no you dont!your neighbors would hate you. But, as a boy that spent lots of time around a hen house, this is one of the most exotic roosters I have ever seen!!! Spurs, fancy head gear, and that tail, straight out of Las Vegas! Change his name to George Hamilton, a very gay blade! Love, as always Dad

Super cute! I so enjoy reading your tidbits on the farm. Thanks for sharing. = )

How FUN! I never knew chickens would eat grass seeds. I learn something new from you every day, Anna!

Wiley is SO handsome! I do wish the homeowners association would let me have a Rooster!!!

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