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They are so precious! I just want to hold one in my palm and pet its soft fluff. Love your commentary!

Can't get much cuter than that! They are so sweet, and I love your comments. The last one is darling, looks like she is checking in with Mama.

THanks for the commentary on the day in the life of a chicken.... So cute!

I second the post above, and think I have prodded you about this before....we NEED some Anna Wight photo books for children! You are not only an amazing photographer but so clever with your captions (but I'll take an illustrated one too if I must!) I would love to see some of your pictures with captions by your Dad, too, hee!

Gosh, you can almost feel how soft they are, just by looking at the photos. Your entries and photos always make me smile, Anna and for that, I am grateful.

I would love to see those very same pictures and comments you made in a children's book. I would buy the first copy for all my grandchildren...DARLING!!!

What a cheerful way to start a day! Love the babies and Momma, John's Chicken, is a beautiful hen. Have a wonderful weekend. hugs...

OMGosh, cute, cute, cute!! tfs

I just love John's chicken and her chicks! They are sooooo adorable! It IS amazing how they blend in with their environment, isn't it?! Your photos tell it all! LOVED the commentary, you are such a great writer as well as photographer, crafter of ALL things, and Momma to many! An amazing woman, you are!
Thanks for making my days so bright. It's such a joy to read about your life on the farm. What a blessing you are to all of us!!! :D

What cute pics and commentary-made me chuckle this morning-thanks for a good start to my day!

OMG I love it ...... can not get any cuter than this.....

Oh these pictures are gorgeous!

Fabulous work, Anna. Gary Larson, move over!

Thank you for sharing. I love the pictures and the captions!!!

Hi Anna, what lovely new babies you have... nature a facinating thing. I know you love your chook's, today to my horror I caught my next door neighbour's puppy chasing my sweet girls. Thankfully the pup is only young, so young she didn't do any damage and all was well, just a few feathers missing and four very frightened chickens hiding in the bush waiting for me to reasure them. Thanks for your blog, its a total breath of fresh air...good for the soul and I look forward to every new post. From Bec Bowers in New Zealand.

There's no better way to start the day than looking at your blog, it puts a smile on my face every time I visit;-) Thanks for that Anna!

And OMG how absolutely adorable and gorgeous those little chickies are, nature is art!

Hugs, Inge xOx

Oh, Anna, these are just adorable!!!

OMG, too flippin' CUTE!!

I see the last one has been reunited with her family! Gosh, Anna, I love your photos! Yes, the chicks are hard to see against the ground - that must keep them safe from predators (hawks?) I laughed out loud at your comments about the one looking around, the ones sleeping, then getting it directly from Momma! Just precious!

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