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We just had a lovely couple from Texas move in across the street today - we had a frost warning last night so I think they may be in for a bit of a shock!

What little beauties! Thanks for the lovely pix. And stay cool.

Wow, we hit 88 today and I am in misery. Love the photos of those beautiful chicks! The colors are so pretty. Thanks for sharing, Happy Memorial Day to ya.

Oh well it was lovely in Ritzville, a nice breezy 70, the wheat fields are just beautiful when the breeze makes them sway. Ahh, how wonderful! Love, Dad....... snap out of it Dan...... and remember our Vets. For many of them 96 is rather a cool temp. It gets a lot hotter in the middle east.

Ooooo, I do believe I would melt in those hot temperatures. We're not too far behind you with 86-89 here in Michigan, and that is too hot for me!
Your menu sounds delish, too. I made potato salad, too, but I really need to learn how to make BBQ ribs.
I just have to tell you how adorable your litle furry chicks are, Anna. So sweet.

942 degrees??? Now that's a hot day!!!
Have a lovely weekend..glad little Pipsqueak is doing OK

sounds like it's about time you get moved up here where the temps are a bit more sane to live with :-)

I can't believe the weather you are having
and not even June yet. We are still favouring early spring weather with the need for jackets to keep the cool out.

We're having much the same temperatures, but it's 10 degrees cooler than the usual so everyone here is HAPPY HAPPY! Your menu sounds so good I'm drooling.

Wow! The chicks DO grow fast! My Goodness.

Besides he HOT weather it sounds like you will have a delightful Holiday Weekend. It is to be nearly that warm here in IA. So throw in a bit of humidity! Yucky-Sticky. Much too early. Probably will pop a late day storm. Better run, DH has BLt's ready, yum. Hugs to ALL....

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