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Ha ha! BBC = Brown Barn Chicken! So clever and funny. She sure is a cute hen (love how her tail feathers go up so high over her back). She passed on her cuteness to all those darling babies too.

Too fippin' CUTE!! Mr. Wiley really knows how to strike a pose. Could be your next model for a stamp. ;) Thanks for sharing.

I am amazed to see just how quickly the newly hatched chicks get their fuzzy feathers. I always thought they they were born with no feathers and that the feathers grew in gradually. Huh.

I can't believe the variety of colour these little chicks have and all from one mum too.
Will they change or keep close to their coloration?

I have such chicken envy! Who knew chickens came in stripes, Adorable!

So cute and I like the coloring on BBC. tfs

Fuzzy chicken butts are the cutest thing ever! Oh, how I would love to just scoop up these little guys and have some of my own. Thanks for sharing your pics!

OH my..... i love baby chicks and your pics are the greatest.... thanks for crawling out of bed and taking the pictures....

So sweet. Love the farm photos, I will be back to check on Chainsaw tomorrow! Hugs...

so very cute, cute, cute

OMG how cute are they? Are you keeping them all? You are becoming the "Chicken Lady" LOL
SRSLY...what will you do with all those eggs?..and then next year you will have these chickies having more chickies...
..hmm..maybe I shouldn't have asked that question...never mind :-) :-(

Awwwww they are really cute! Wonderful photos, thank for sharing.

oooppsss,..... sorry for duplicating my comment. i thought my first comment didn't get through.. sorry

what a wonderful photos! nice shots! and oh i love chicken especially baby chickens. yaya! love to take care of them, wish i could get back in our town and take care of some farm animals.

what a wonderful photos! nice shots! and oh i love chicken especially baby chickens. yaya! love to take care of them. :D

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