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I'm amazed that BC Betty didn't get stuck in the fence after her munching! She's my fave of all your animals.

I just love your pictures and hearing what is going on at your farm. TFS

I am sorry I misspelled VEGGIES I put beggies
Naughty naughty///LOL

Hi Anna,
I just love reading about your daily episodes there on the farm as I used to have a farm also and we had a lot of animals and one milk cow you don't have that yet do you?
We churned our own cream for butter and I sold eggs every week and sold feeder pigs and beef cattle. Lot of work but so rewarding as i love to put in garden and can and freeze all that yummy fruits and beggies.
I miss it so.....
Keep up your wonderful blog,

I can't help it, Anna. I {heart} Boxcar Better ;) .

Love the farm photos (esp the Boxcar Betty ones).

Well you know....grass is greener on the other side! LOL

LOL, "What your Dad said"!!! That would be fabulous!!! :D
GREAT pictures, as always. Thanks for the smiles! Isn't Spring wonderful??!! It just brings life and newness back to EVERYTHING, including people!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! I'm getting a new puppy Saturday...look on my FB wall for a couple of pictures! <3

How mischievous is Bad Boxcar Betty's face, as she jams her mouth through the fence!?! LOL :) When are you going to start designing goat characters for your stamp line?

Not wishing to promote any falsehoods here but, with all the characters on the place and with your knack of "doodleology" It would seem a no brainer to illustrate a childs book with many of your varied and "oddly" named residents. In your spare time of course! What is just 1 more thing to a rabid multi tasker.....? Love, Dad

Thems so gawjuss animals!

Admiral really is a handsome boy! I'd almost say he looks regal, if a rooster can be regal.

Had a loooong day at work and box car Betty and the chickens were just what I needed to bring a smile to my face and take a deep breath and relax. Thanks :)

but you gotta admit that Boxcar Betty's got the right idea. What a little ham bone! We sure enjoyed those beautiful colors agains the green, green grass. I love Admiral - good thing I'm all the way in Virginia or you might not be able to get rid of me.

If I were a hen, I would be IN LOVE with Admiral! He's gorgeous! I can just imagine you walking around carrying him under your arm (he looks like he would be heavy). So sorry your batteries died . . . these pictures are amazing!

How fun new photo's of the farm critters. BBB is a favorite of mine. Admiral is a handsome rooster and let's not forget John's Chicken (how funny is that name)...Great photo's of life on your farm.

Your photos bring smiles to my face.... I love it when you share..... And thanks for sharing....

Anna: Thanks for the fun pics. Love that Betty - how does she get her head back out of the fence w/out catching her horns? Have a great day!

I can just see you wandering around the barn, talking to a chicken that's tucked under your arm...ROFLMAO...

Your barn animals are all just beautiful and always make me smile!! TFS!!!

Betty always cracks me up, and I do enjoy both their names and their antics!! Thanks for sharing.

B3 (Bad Boxcar Betty) cracks me up :0) Reminds me of the saying "grass is always greener, and apparently more yummy, on the other side of the fence!

Admiral is one HANDSOME rooster. :)
Betty seems like the rest of the world, the grass/weed is always greener on the other side of the fence! Happy Day, hugs...

Thanks Anna! What a great way to start my day - I'll have to start checking your blog before work every day!

Admiral is an awesome colored rooster! Wow! he's a beaut...And BoxCar Betty just kills me...what a good little goat..

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