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I hear ya, Anna! Love your doggy smelling the flower!

Anna consider yourself STOPPED.

I'm with ya, girl! My life has been a constant merry-go-round lately. No stamping except what I absolutely have to do. Can't wait for school to be out! Almost 5 weeks...

Here's to a productive yet relaxing weekend!

I hear ya on the time issue thing. My grandpa use to tell me when I was little and impatient for something to happen that I should treasure the slow passage of time while it lasted because the older I would get, the faster it would go! Grandpas are so smart! :-)

Sorry - no time to chat - cuz "I'm late - I'm late, for a very important date".

Me Too, I want to just stand still and relax. So many irons in the fire and I keep adding to them! So I guess it is my own fault. I need to learn to say NO. LOL
Hope things quite down for you and you can enjoy the coming weekend. Hugs...

I wish I COULD stop the time for you! I can't believe how quickly time passes these days. And the older you get, the faster it goes!!! YIKES! Please take time to rest, you really need that! Thank goodness it's Friday, and the weekend is at hand! By the way, I LOVE that dog and flower image! TOO CUTE!!! :D

A nap sounds wonderful :)! Let's all take one!

If you figure it out please let me know ASAP! LOL! My oldest graduates a week from Saturday and I am seriously needing more hours to get everything done!

I know, another week and another month almost gone!

I know how you feel...hang in there! :)


That's close enough to a prayer for me. Amen!

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