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I love this illustration! Is it also a stamp? So cute!

LOVE that illustration, Miss Anna! Adorable! I think [maybe] I know what a June bug looks like, but you might need to snap a photo of one in flight (or crashing) and one sitting still. ;-)

I've never seen a June bug and I don't think I ever want too!! It's been raining here all day - I'll send the storm down to you when we're done with it. Rain is awesome!! :)

We have had lots of rain here and teh dandelions are starting to grow. Need to get them sprayed now. We are still in a serious drought though.

I love your flower image with the fat bee.

Did you know that June Bugs + Motorcycle + 35MPH + No helmet=DISASTER?

Just thought I'd pass that along to you. No charge for this public service announcement.

June bugs ... yuck I hate them ... bluck!

Yeah, I don't care for rain too much but that image? TOO cute!

ROFL What a great analogy!! My cat loves June bugs, what a fun toy!

Ooh, imagine how pretty this image would look on fabric as a coordinate for the journal fabric. Yum! (I think you need to get yours marketed so we can buy yards and yards!)

we're hoping for more rain here in MI. also..gettin' a bit crusty around here...and as for the June bugs..I'm sending them all to Texas...they are the one thing that I just FREAK OUT over..I HATE them...when we're camping..I'm inside at the first sound or site of them...just can't take their stickly legs...eeewwwwwww...

LOL. Yep that would be June bugs...I do not like June bugs. LONG story ;) We planted the garden and seeded an area for forage and have not goten any rain. Need it here too. 1st we h ave too much then not enough. Seems it is never just right :) TGIF, hugs...

love the line "If turtles could fly, but mostly just crashed, they would be just bigger June bugs" so true.

we didn't get any rain over here...just a few miles away :(

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