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Mmmmm, I think I see a nice racoon tail to hang on the back of my motorcycle! Rocky Racoon had better be careful!

My sister is a police officer and she says they've busted hundreds burglars with these cameras! They have some with a silent "shutter" and the dirt bags had no idea they were on candid camera. BUSTED!

I tryed to leave a comment/ message on Marry Anne K's site but since I'm not a computer guy, just a dad and a outdoor guy, I failed to figure out how to "pick a what?" to leave the message. Anna is my window to the universe. Hook me up with that stuffed Coon I have just the spot for him!

Uh oh. Somebody was busted! So glad your chicken brooders/houses are built so securely. Go away, naughty 'coon!

You are awesome, Mr Wight! As the wife of an ex-coon hunter, I can lend you the light cap. Maybe you would like the big stuffed coon in my attic? What you won't do when you are dating someone. Spent many nights looking for eyes in trees. Yipes, I am glad this is all past tense! Your camera is great, Anna.

Neat photos! My great white hunter BIL has one set up in the woods. Very interesting to see all the wildlife that prowls around in just that one area.

This was great fun for me. I wonder what else you'll catch on tape. What a great idea.

If you look closely, you can see the fifth chicken from the left sticking it's tongue out at the racoon.

Yikes! Coons eat full grown chickens??? I didn't know that! I know that coyotes will do that. I'm still studying whether I can have chickens and keep them safe (and happy) with my small place (in the city) and long work hours. I don't think we have raccoons here . . . hmmm. What else eats chickens (other than me?) LOL

one of the few animals that I haven't seen "pose" for you :)

He seems to be VERY shifty

Hmmm. My DH's bd is July 5th, and he might have some fun with this!

These cameras are waaayyy too cool! My brother has one..uses it for spotting deer,etc. that come into his "deer camp" among other creatures....too bad it doesnt' come with a little pump gun or air rifle..oops!!! did I say that...not kill them..but let them know "they're alive"....have fun and keep those chickies safe...

That is so cool! And quite fascinating! I can't wait to see what else you capture on your "chicken-cam". There's no telling what all sneaks around your chicken kids at night...but it won't be a mystery any more!! :D

DH and DS both have trail cams simular to yours. Nice to beable to see what is checking out the hen house! Like you did not already know! Hugs...

It's like a nanny cam for your chicken babies!! I'm so happy they're safe from predators. Haha, Mr. Raccoon!!

What an intelligent way to spend your gift certificate! I LOVE it! It looks like quite the formidable camera. Your Dad cracks me up. I can just see you prowling around the chicken coop under the cloak of darkness and armed to the teeth in search of 'coons. Get 'em, Tiger!

Hi Dad, and All:
The gap you see in the photo isnt actually a gap at all... that space is filled with wire connected to the top of the fencing, and the 2x4 of the roofing. No gaps. I guarantee!

Oh, by the way, I see a gap above the side wall of the fense below the roof. I see it in the last 3 pics, unless you have some finer meshed wire up there, that area is not Racoon proof! just thought I'd mention that before the bandit returns for Mc nuggets. Me, again

This is awesome, I am totally saving up for one of these.
Hubby's 50th birthday is this year, he may like one of these.


Congratulations on the "live" Coon shot. According to a North Idaho "redneck" transplant I know they taste a lot like chicken! Better'n possum! Your next step will be sneaking around the place after dark totin' your shotgun wearing a cap with lights built into the brim! They have them down at Bens too. Love, Dad

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