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My hubby and I got Tilley hats for canoeing! They are soooo awesome.

Both of these hats are Cute; they're both timeless and you'll still be wearing them when you're old and grey and wondering around the farm searching for those BAAAAaaaaD goats .

PS: Anna, please do me a huge favor and Email me , as I can't link up with any of your addresses via online and I've lost my entire Address Book :( Thx!

Great hat, Anna! You will look splendid in it. And Alan's looks perfect for a man. :)

Your hat is soooo much prettier than mine! Love those Tilley hats also. Came so close to buying one last year!

It looks lovely, Alans hat looks like a Stewart Granger hat from his jungle movie days or if ya aint that old, Disneyland jungle ride. Bob Hope wore them in his movies too. Way Cool!

Hi Anna! Love your hats - have to tell you a funny - I got "caught" looking at your blog at work today (fortunately it was a friend!) and we both enjoyed the photos of the raccoon and your cats.


Those are AWESOME! I really like both of them! And good for you, for protecting yourselves from the sun :D

When do we get to see pictures of the two of you modeling them?

I LOVE your hat! Truly I do. It is exactly what I've been looking for. I ride Western but I want a more feminine hat for the summer and yours is perfect. I'm off to find a twin of yours!

I LOVE hats (not ball caps) Have Alan get a photo of you in it. We'd love to see that :) Hugs...

Sweet! (like the co name, too!) They are located up the coast a bit...

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