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such beautiful ducks and photos of them!!!

Just precious!

Oh, melt my heart! Are they the sweetest things!

These are the cutest photos ever! Loving the ones in your husband's hands, how could anyone resist..that. I enjoy seeing your photo of all your animals...such a comfort. Also love your work, and your blog..keep up the great ideas..love them...

Alan finally got to the feed store alone and look what happened! Surprised he didn't come home with his pockets full of "chocolate" himself....hee! Those are so cute, but I am really loving that little brown one...he should be clucking on the next Cadbury commercial instead of the bunny!

I love how Alan's rough, tough, sunburned farmer hands are so very gentle with the sweet babies! Its adorable!

OMGosh, they are just the cutest!!! I love how cute they look all cuddled up in Alan's hands - adorable! tfs

Just when I think you can't possibly post anything cuter than you've posted before, you prove me wrong! I'll bet Alan was hating the little fluff balls napping in his hands. :)

You two are such big push over's!!!!!! Or should i say suckers *smile* I would be the same way.......they are just too cute!!!!

OMG! These photos are amazing, Anna!!! :0)

OMGosh, I'm so envious of Alan! I want to hold them!!! They are TOO adorable, and I'm so glad you got more! Hurray for Alan seeing them! :D That is wonderful, they have the best home on earth now!!! I wonder if they know how lucky they are??? :D The one with the poofy "do" is just the funniest! haha And I love the chocolate one...beautiful! I can't wait to see them growing!!! :D

Cute! Cute! Cute!!! What a farm you are getting!! I love the photos! Tell Alan he should be a hand model! **giggle**
Happy Easter!

Please please call the tuffted one POOF!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE....LOL

So Sweet!

Okay - now I want some baby ducks for myself. I don't dare show your duckie pictures to My Alan. No siree! Your photography is sensational, as are your newest additions to the farm. Congratulations!

Cutest little duckies ever!! Thanks so much for sharing your secret, I'm so glad you were busted. :)

ohhh, they're just the cutest little things..I really do love the chocolate brown ducky..not sure i've ever seen one..I know I haven't..
How sweet of Alan to tell you about them and then take you back to get more babies...awww...Happy Easter..!

It seems to continue, all my grandchildren have either wings or 4 legs. I guess that means no worries about a college fund, just an ever increasing pool problem. Love, Dad PS What! no fish.

Now that's a sight! Alan holding the babies - I'm just melting! They are darling! I'd never seen a crested duck - but they are really pretty! The chocolate one is very handsome - I agree with Alan - very very cute!
Thanks Anna!

Why? Why do you do this to us? torture us with all this cuteness! It is almost too much, I can hardly stand it. I need a farm. Quick...LOLOL

Oh my word! That is about the most precious thing I've ever seen. What adorable ducklings. I too "noticed" you had 5 ducks on your count list and chalked the number up to succumbing to their absolute cuteness! :)

Wonderful photos and Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Oh my gosh. I'm smitten and want my own. Sadly, I think the cats I already have may not be as smitten. Too, too cute!

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous photos!!!


Thanks for sharing. They are just so stinkin' cute.

SWEET, Alan will be a good Ducky Daddy!
You kids are so funny with your brood :)
Looks like lots of Easter fun there. Hugs...

How could you resist?!?

So cute and fluffy .... just adorable

absolutely lovely are those ducklings! And i love the pictures you took of them.

O-M-GOODNESS!!!! Tell Alan he is very mean...he should have bought the lot..now that little crested one will get teased by the others about her crest and being different(redhead here..memories ofchildhood teasing ..LOL)...and the little brown one..more teasing and bullying? well..you just need more thats all....
but then I melted with the picture of the two duckies in his hands..OMG...Easter overload...

Oh my goodness!!! They are adorable. How do you think they'd like apartment living? I want some now! :)

How adorable!!

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