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Racoon boobies.......LOL!!!! So funny! Your night shots are phenomenal, Anna!

It is fun to see what is lurking in the darkness!! Persistent raccoon! Your new camera is a lot of fun :)

Careful with the bandit! "Billy the Extermintor" almost got thrown off the roof this week. He caged one and it came at him and startled him enough to where he almost fell off! It was sorta funny. Thanks for sharing life on the farm. Getting so I call my husband and daughter into my domain/craft room to see your pictures. AND now a trail game camera...woo hoo!! Can't wait for the video!!

Foiled Again! think Ms Racoon will ever just give up? LOL hugs...

I love you being able to see what "goes on" at night - how cool! And I am totally LOL @ the raccoon's boobies - TOO FUNNY! I'm glad you put arrows there or I would have never noticed! Thanks for sharing such cool stuff with us. Life on the farm looks like a lot of fun, but I'm sure its hard work too. We just get to see the fun stuff!

Alan & Anna ... there is never a dull moment there on the farm! I love all of the excitement you share with us readers!! Thank you for taking the time to share!

Yahoo! The people in the game camera industry will be in your debt for the advertising! Another version of multi-tasking. Who says home security cant be fun!

Lovely, Mama Raccoon just eyeing some chicken treats, yep, she's making a plan. Sure glad you have Fort Knox there. Can't wait to see who else pays a visit.it would make me crazy knowing they are out there with my birds.. are you going to try to trap the beast?

Oh, I think that raccoon wants her some chicken awfully badly!!! :D Don't you know she's thinking "if I could just get in there, mmmmmm, what a feast I'd have"....and thank goodness for lots of protection!
The camera is so fun, I love seeing what you are capturing on it! Can't wait to see video of the predators, next time! :D

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