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Happy belated Easter to you and Alan and all your critters.

Oops! Maybe he's a she with that ruffled shirt collar and figure. :)

Ha ha! I love Gabi With an Eye's comment on the many faces of eggs! Your dyed eggs are beautiful, but what I love the very mostest of all is that adorable Easter bunny sketch! I want him!

Happy Easter to you and Alan and the critters (all of whom I love hearing about!). Thanks for all the great posts.

very cool. I have a craving for an egg sandwich now (they're my fave!)

I am surprised you colored eggs with all the beautifully colored eggs you have every day! These are really vibrant. This is the 1st time in 30 years I have not colored eggs. I think I am having withdrawels. Next year for sure. :) Have a joyous and fun filled day, hugs...

Wowie Anna! The eggs are much brighter than any of my attempts and less spotted! I'm very impressed - they do look good enough to eat! Yum!
Happy Easter!

How bout an egg soufflé, or eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, egg custard, egg omelette, eggs florentine, shrimp and eggs, deviled eggs, sunny side up eggs, over easy eggs, coddled eggs, shirred eggs, boiled eggs, basted eggs, egg-curry, egg foo young, eggs pilaf, eggs benedict, fried eggs, eggs neptune, one-eyed jack egg, egg stratta, thousand-year egg (yeah right), Scotch egs, egg tart, tea-leaf eggs, omelette surprise!, egg salad, huevos rancheros (my favorite), soft boiled eggs over shredded wheat (my other favorite, dyed eggs, pickled egg, eggs in a basket, egg fritatta, croque madame, egg-plant parmigiana (okay that one doesn't count), eggs in a basket, eggs under Anna's chickens?

Love those bright vivid colors! Happy Easter to you and all those wonderful critters on the farm!

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