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Happy belated 40th to Alan! Hope it was wonderful.

What an awesome birthday photo of Alan! Happy birthday to him! And I'm with Mr. Farley . . . when it thunders and lightnings, I want to be medicated too. Poor baby. :(

You need to have that photo of hubby framed!!! LOVE IT!

Happy happy Birthday, Alan. 29 again, eh? Enjoy your day....I love this blog and the chickens fascinate me.

What a magnificent photo of your Alan! Happy Belated Birthday to him.

Happy Birthday Allan. Even though I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, I'm sure you are a good guy. If my niece loves you, then you must be worthy. I just wish that you two weren't so far away as I don't see myself treking all the way to Texas any time soon. Besides, I hatez bugz!

Wow that is a great picture, I can see why it is one of your favorites. Hope Alan had a happy birthday!

I love that picture of Alan - so peaceful ... thanks for sharing.

Oh Oh, Mom brought "Auntie Pasto" home for a few days today. I'm going fishing tomorrow if I have to chop ice! Maybe Monday too. To bad Texas is 2600 miles away!


***~Happy Birthday Alan~***

And I'll even send some SmOOches from this side of the world :) Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead ~ Cheers!

Happy Birthday to Allan. I love that photo. Handsome devil :) We where to get some much needed rain here and it fizzeled. More on the way tonight, we hope. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs...

Happy Birthday Alan - may this year be all you hope it will be.

Oh Anna - tell your dad I love his little comments - how great that your father checks in on his little girl

Temps in the 80s - oh my I wish ! We're still in the upper 30s - missed spring and went right into December.

Happy Birthday Alan!! Make sure Anna treats you right!! heehee

Happy Birthday from Toronto Canada- where it is not quite 85 yet!!!!

Happy Birthday Alan! Hope you have a good one and that you all don't get washed away like we are here in GA.

Anna, this picture is beautiful and every time I see a picture of Alan I think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!!

Ah, to be 40.....again?....knowing what I know now......... I'd be filthy rich, and retired! But alas reality checks in, I'm 60 your 40, better looking, better educated, have my daughter, and still in TEXAS? 4 out of 5 isn't that bad I guess. Happy birthday! sonny...... the other Geezer

That picture speaks 1000 words...it emanates love for humanity and all creatures! No wonder you love it...SOOOOO AWESOME! (and quite cute, I might add!)
Have a wonderful weekend together. You are such a fabulous couple...your love for each other and critters of all kinds warms my heart. I wish you the best ALWAYS!!!
And Alan...watch your POBox for a little birthday surprise that's coming! Sorry it's late! :D

What a neat photo-Happy Birthday Alan!

Oh what a great picture! Happy Birthday Allan (Sweet Mr. Daisy) Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday, Alan! Anna, that is the photo I would look at every night before I went to sleep. You can see the love for the world around him in his eyes.

Happy Birthday Alan. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday to Alan, love the photo with friends!

AAAwww, such a tender photo. Birthday Blessings, Alan.

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