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Eat first, then take a drink to wash it down. Save some for the other two to wash their food down.

I'm going in after it!!

..and he's a mile away from it. Can't he see it over there?

Nope! It's not in here!

"Come on guys, lend a beak, it was my LUCKY coin!"
Love this pic, Anna! I just love ducks.

Ferdinand, the economy isn't *that* bad.

I am SO ready for that Scuba class...you promised!!


Hey Kid - how many times do I have to tell you? You don't need to put your whole head in to get a drink.

Heeellllloooooooo down there!

Hey guys, does this tub make my butt look big?!?

Dive, Dive, Dive!!!!

You take the greatest pic's, Anna
Karen x

"Glub, glub, glub...." Translation: "Hey, where'd everybody go?"

Alright--which one of you pooped in the water?

Whada ya mean I'm not an ostrich???

Grass for lunch AGAIN?!? I just can't take it anymore!!

'Future Olympian'
'Phelps is my hero!'

Here comes Boxcar Betty! Hide!!!!

Harold never quite understood the art of moderation.

"Go on, the juicy tadpole is just a little bit farther down, we promise!"

There always has to be one black sheep in the family!

"Where did you say you dropped the diamond?"
Love the photos!!!
Big hugs, Manetta

Hereeeeee fishy, fishy!!

Karen Madden

"I know my contact is down here somewhere."

Come on in guys! The water's great!!

Awwwwwww you don't have to hide your face, ignore his comment you are NOT an ugly duckling.

"Hey, has anyone seen my keys?"

I think they were playing Simon Says...two of the ducks are out!

Dont pay the nut any attention, he was adopted by an Ostrich and has never been the same since! Oh. ................ Love Dad

1,2,3,4,5 ok, ok, you really can hold your breath, come on up now...

"No, the other end goes in the water".

“Dang, I
dropped my bug. Say, anybody seen my bug?”

Jan E, California

Can you see me now?

You can come up for air now! She has walked past and didn't see you!

It's no use looking--those tinted contacts do NOT make you look like Donald Duck!

Wash, Spin, Fluff and Dry, a Duck's work is never done...oh there's that missing sock!

A DUCKY Water Clutch!

Seriously, no one will help me find that needle? The haystack isn't THAT big!

My husband wanted- whiskey for my men, beer for my horses and just plain ole water for my ducks!!! (courtesy sort of Toby Keith)

I just can't take it anymore!!!

C'mon Man, It's not that Bad!

Hey, guys, are you SURE this goes all the way to China?

Hey Gertrude - what do you possibly think is down there??? Gertrude thinks that someone sunk some corn and she's hunting for it.

Mr. Bunny said he hid eggs for us -- but where can they be?

I was going to say, "Bobbing for apples", but I see Sue posted just before me. We must be on the same wavelength!

The boss is coming, DUCK!

"Another easy day in Duckville"

Love the photos Anna!

"There goes the last female." -courtesy of Ice Age. :)

"Do you think he is going to come up for air?"

I know its in here somewhere...

I think they were playing Marco Polo and are practical jokesters!!!

Ah man....I dropped my cell phone!

the morning gathering at the water fountain to catch up on last night's doings. " Some of us really tied one on" " hey, get your head out of the water." " The boss better not find you napping." " Let's head for the break room and see if there is any food."

Hey Marge, why won't they look me in the eye? Do I have something haning out of my mouth again?

Look guys, I can hold my breath! Blub, blub, blub......

Bobbing for Birdseed!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ready or not here we come! "Come on guys this is the best hiding you can do?"

OK, No sea monsters!!! You guys can get in the pool now!!

The Old Water Cooler: A large group of ducks gather in a circle. One duck stood up and walked around the circle patting every duck on the head chanting duck, duck, duck, GOOSE! The one that was patted on the head last started to cry. All the other ducks asked why? The tearful waterfowl replied, "It's true!"

"Did you find the apple?"

They call this bobbing for apples?? Where are they???

I didn't see a thing!!! I swear!

"Hey, anybody down there?"

No Daisey I said, "Chicken soup is always better with a Handful of quackers in it, Not a Headful of quackers you silly Duck!"

Call 911, call 911........

Dang it, I'm gonna have to buy ANOTHER cell phone!

Look Ma! No Head!

As they gather to discuss TV by the water cooler one says to another ..."so did you see Lost last night."

"Ducks NOT all in a Row" ~ they are each certainly doing their own duckie thing! So cute!

'oh no i think i dropped my engagement ring..."

Bobbing for bugs.

Five Little chickies sitting by the pool. One wanted a drink of water....(Like the story of Five Monkey's jumping on the bed one fell of the bed and Momma called the Dr. etc.)

Hey, where did everybody go??!!

How about....... "OK kiddies...first you have to be able to put your head under water...good job Quacker!"

1. One fell off the wagon at Ducks anonymous.

2. Can someone PLEASE find my contact lense.

3. All is ducky at the farm.

"You see what?" I think a bug landed on the water and the duckling went after it.

Duck, duck, goose! :)

Reminds me of when I was young and had one of those blue plastic swimming pools. All the neighborhood kids would sit around it and we would play "Duck, duck, goose!"

Blondie just mooned me - my eyes, my eyes, I must wash them!!!

I wouldn't take a million bugs to get in that water! Look how it ate the head off the last guy!

Where are the apples???

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