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I'm sorry! Glad you got it done, though.

Oh Yea!! Pay, Pay, and Pay

Um, I filed my extension. Does that count?

Hahaha, your Dad is so funny! (and so awesome!) We have ours done, and spent! LOL One of our sons has to pay, though, and can't! It's so hard...bleah. Surely hope you are getting a refund!!! :D

Oh, yeah - we feel the same way...real tears! We never get ahead when we have to pay bug bucks back to the thieves!! Woops...did I say that!? Jeanne in Idaho

Oh, Buck Merritt told me once that a motel is as good as it gets for tax deductions, Everthing is deductable, Next best is a bordelo! What's that?

Yup, I dont care how much we get back, as long as we dont have to PAY IN. My wish was answered we get a return, unless Mom made a horible mistake! I'm waiting for the audit gods to strike me dead! Love,........... Dad

Oh dear... maybe a swim with your chickens will cheer you up!
Couldn't you claim all of your wee'uns as dependents- they are all named after all... you would have octo mom beat!

Oh dear , is it that bad?
We mailed them yesterday, wouldn't want to wait til the last minute, lol.

Go spend some time with your critters, they will cheer ya up. I want to see the ducks getting bigger..

You crack me up! Sent and waiting for our Return!

I feel your pain, believe me!

LOL. Always have them done early! Don't I make ya sick :) Son is having me mail his TODAY!!!!

Sorry you're a member of that club too! :(

Ro-roh. Those don't look like tears of joy...

us too :(

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