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Thank you Anna! My thought as I was waiting for the video to load was that you have Earth day every day on your farm - and I'm one of the lucky to enjoy your farm vicariously! But this video of the elephant seal on it's own "turf" is just so touching! I honor the young woman for being so patient and so calm - to wait for the seal to make contact. To honor the seal's needs completely. It is a great lesson for us all! Thank you, and thanks to Gabi as well.


What a wonderful video. Very special to see an animal accept her and feel comfortable around her. So very unusual to see and very special too.

If this doesn't make your heart overflow, nothing will....a lovely video TFS

Oh My Goodness. What an amazing once in a lifetime encounter. After all the seal IS a WILD animal. The response was what it was because she kept quite and made no sudden moves. Not something I think I would try. I have seen them fight! They are BIG and beautiful. TFS, hugs....

There are place where it is illegal to touch the wildlife on beaches. You may sit there like that and let them come to you, but even then notice her restraint, and that she looks over and asks someone if what she is doing is okay. Great video! :) Lovely seal.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the video Anna. It was truly remarkable wasn't it? I don't know that I would have had the same self-restraint to not reach out and hug the seal myself, though.

Thanks for posting this wonderful video--what an amazing experience it must have been!! I love coming to see your photos too--they are good for the soul!! Especially love the little ducks with the "toupees"--they make me LOL!!

Now that I've seen the video, I'm so envious of that lady! I want one of those seals, too! LOL What a sweet encounter..I can't figure out why she didn't "pet" it more; but there was probably a reason. SOOOOO neat!!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Gabi, too! :D

HAPPY EARTH DAY TO YOU! Isn't it nice that we love nature and what the earth offers us, so much??!! I was 15 years old on the first ever Earth Day, and I swear I remember it!
Have a wonderful day with all your critters! :D

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