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I love seeing the pics of the animals. The goats always make me laugh! They are such a riot.

By the way, the flower in your first picture is called Mallow or Malva. I have seen it labeled as both. There are lots of varieties of Mallow so Malva is probably more correct.


Wonderful photos! Love seeing what's going on at the farm. So much room to roam around in. It must be awe inspiring!

Love visiting you on the farm. This will have to do as I'm not able to just pop in for coffee :) Now wouldn't that be fun. I'd bring my camera for a lesson, too! The ducky with the puff looks like he/she has a cotton ball on his/her head , Maybe *Cotton* would be an okay name? Everything but the fire ants and poison ivy are fun. (I an VERY allergic to the ivy, grrr.)
Have a wonderful week, hugs..

Anna, you take such beautiful pictures. I always enjoy it when you share with us life from the farm.

What kind of camera do you use when you take these photos? Your photos turn out so much nicer than mine do.

Great pictures as usual Anna. However, I think you need to have an intervention with the poor little duck in the last photo. He, or she, seems to be trying to drown her/himself. Ha Ha.

You and Alan need to go for more walks with the camera in hand! Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Manetta

And, we love pictures of life on the farm! Thanks for all the smiles you & your critters provide.

Stunning photos, thanks for sharing.

Wonderful photos. I'm sure the farm is a lot of work but it looks like fun too!! Thanks for taking us along. :)

ALWAYS such i joy to see shots of the farm and all your critter's!!! I'm jealous!!!! Really jealous!!!
Thanks Anne, thanks Alan!

Thanks Anna, for the wonderful peak into life on your farm. I love living vicariously through your farm adventures:)

Lisa R.

Thank you for another fabulous visit to the farm. I think you should create children's books using a variety of your photos mixed with your drawings. Too fun!

Another great bunch of photos. Thanks, Anna! :0)

I love your farm update, you always make me want to move to the country and get a few animals! Your photos are just beautiful Anna, you are so talented! Love the picture of Lucy and Darcy in the field of wild flowers!

Love all the pictures!! :)

All of the pictures you take of life on the farm, make me smile until it hurts. I still think that my very favorites are last years pictures of the dogs in the blue bonnets. Amazing work! Thanks, Anna.

I love the photos - they take me out of the desert for a while! The cute duck with the poof on her head reminds me of a hat Queen Elizabeth might wear. Too funny!


Thank you so much for sharing. This city girl loves when you share your farm pictures and the captions are too funny!!!

Thanks again

I love all your pictures, it makes me want to come visit! Your farm looks beautiful and the animals are all so cute! I love Boxcar Betty, she always brings a smile to my face. And the ducks, OMG they are cute! I love the one with the "puff" on his head! Thanks for sharing!

Well, that was a totally enjoyable way to start my Monday morning...thanks for sharing your photos.

What a great pic review!! I would love to be an animal on YOUR farm!
I agree with another poster- it looks like mallow to me, and that may be a relative to hollyhock- I am not sure! And to Kelly- you are trying to spell "toque" for uas Canadians and our hats. although I think she/he looks more like its wearing a shower cap!

I love your pictures of the farm! It seems so laid back and easy going and I know it probably is not, but it's nice to think it is a slower pace and you seem to enjoy the life!

Pictures r really really cute ....

I love that little duck with the topknot.
Great shots of the farm and animals as always. And don't the fields look so pretty
with their splash of colour?

Yo, if the duck with the pompador is a drake,Larry would be nice. Then you could look for a Curly and Moe! I caught 18 fish on one fly on friday 73 degrees! the biggest was over 23 inches. Booyah! Love the flowers and the rain, to bad it's not Alfalfa....... Love, Dad

Thank you so much for sharing your farm pictures. I absolutely love looking at them. I can't believe how big those ducks have gotten in so short a time. The colors of your chickens are just amazing. Love them all.

I love the critter photos! The flower is a cousin of the holly hock. It is a type of tree mallow, you know, like marsh mallow? Apparently the flavour of marshmallows originally came from the roots of a similar plant. My parents have a tiny garden that is overwhelmed by these every year. They seed themselves (not a perrenial although it might be in Texas) So if you like them, gently cut the stalks after the flowers dry up and shake them to get seeds where you want more!

Thank you for showing and naming the Indian Paint Brush correctly! Most people show it as a different flower - but this is what I know to be an Indian Paint Brush - my favorite wild flower.

Also, if Nellie is a male, you can call him Nels. That was the father's name of the shop keeper on Little House on the Prairie. He was Nels and the daughter was Nellie!

Oh, I did I DID enjoy the visit to your farm! It really is beautiful there right now (despite a few nasty critters like fire ants)! Loved the flowers and all the greenery, not to mention your quirky and delightful duckies, chickens, goats, cattle, cat . . . .

Thank you for all the great photos. Each and every one made me smile and brought back memories of my parents place in Coeur d Alene, ID when they had their ducks, chickens and cows. Loved all the photos of the "children" of the farm.


I always love visiting the farm.I am envious of your Texas wildflowers, the flower at the top is a hollyhock. always enjoy the phots :)

PS...I think you should call him "Tuk" (Like tooooo-k)...okay, ask a Canadian, but that's what my Mom used to call a hat. And I am pretty sure that is not how you spell it, but my skills are escaping me at the moment!

SO FUN! I loved every single picture from the nature scenes to all of the critters...love your commentary, tooooo! And the duck with the poofy hat on is killing me...hee! If I didn't know better, I would've thought it was something that you created to keep his head warm (ahem, Tiny Tim and a sweater ringing a bell?????)

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your farm. Truly enjoyable. God Bless!

Thanks so much for the update! I'm with Sue I want a week on the farm.

Absolutely gorgeous pics of the babies and flowers..I just LOVE it when you post these..wow!!!! can't believe the colors of all the chickens/ducks,etc..and your flowers are the best. I do believe you're right Anna..top pic is hollyhock..never seen a stiped one before..its awesome..you should save some of the seeds..hint..hint...
still waiting for rain here in Mich...

What great photos! I cannot believe how much the ducks have grown. Flowers are all lovely, and it's great to see the critters. Thanks for sharing.

Ahhh...can I come visit you??

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